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  1. Malinda-Rat-1080.jpg

    Malinda Rat

    Atlantic Salmon

    Designed by Robert Lanzara

    Hook – Gamakatsu T10-6H

    Thread - Fire Orange

    Tip - Flat holographic gold tinsel

    Tail - Peacock Sword

    Rib - Oval silver tinsel, total 6 turns

    Rear ½ Body - ½ Fl. Green & ½ Fl. Fire Orange floss or uni stretch

    Body Veil - 1 strands each fluorescent green & fluorescent orange floss; length to middle of tail

    Front ½ Body - Peacock herl

    Wing - Grey fox body or gray squirrel

    Collar - Grizzly hen hackle

  2. The last one from the secret Michigan website


    Roti's Brown Drake Attractor

    Hook - Mustad 9671, size 10-12

    Thread - Brown

    Tail - Iridescent breast feathers of a wild turkey, 2 to 3 fibers

    Body - Light cahill or straw-colored dubbing

    Hackle - Badger, tied fore and aft

    RotisBrownDrakeAttractor.pdf - Google Drive

    Tying note - Unless you're tying for historical preservation or a museum, don't waste your money trying to find and buying the iridescent breast feathers of a wild turkey. They are just not that iridescent and could be substituted with pheasant tail fibers or micro peacock herl from the tip of an eye feather. I had the correct feathers on hand so that's what I used, otherwise I would have substituted.

    This pattern and one other that I know of, uses the iridescent breast feather of a wild turkey.

  3. Weasel-1080.jpg


    Atlantic Salmon

    Hook - Gamakatsu T10-6H

    Thread - Black

    Tag - Oval silver tinsel

    Tail - Yellow hackle fibers

    Ribbing - Medium flat silver tinsel

    Body - Black floss (body should have equal widths of black & silver)

    Throat - Black henny fibers

    Wing - Black squirrel over pearl krystal flash

    Hairwing & Tube Flies for Salmon & Steelhead - Chris Mann

  4. Murmansk-Killer-1080.jpg

    Murmansk Killer

    Atlantic Salmon

    Hook - Gamakatsu T10-6H

    Thread - Black

    Tag - Oval gold tinsel

    Tail - Yellow bucktail

    Ribbing - Oval gold tinsel

    Body - Flat copper tinsel

    Throat - Yellow hackle fibers

    Wing - Squirrel tail dyed orange and yellow krystal flash

    Hairwing & Tube Flies for Salmon & Steelhead - Chris Mann

  5. Sturgeon-Drake-1080.jpg

    Sturgeon Drake

    Hook - Dry Fly, size 8

    Thread - Brown

    Wing - Natural deer hair (not stacked), tied in a single post style.

    Under body - Golden/brown poly

    Over body - Natural deer hair, tied across the back and extended beyond the bend of the hook for the tail.

    Rib - Yellow thread or fine floss, 3/0

    Hackle - Brown

    SturgeonDrake.pdf - Google Drive

  6. Surveyor_1080.jpg
    Hook - Mustad C068 or equivalent
    Bead - Silver tungsten
    Weight - Lead free wire
    Thread - Red
    Tail - Pheasant tail or Coq de Leon
    Rib - Silver wire
    Body - Sow scud rainbow dubbing
    Wing case - Pearl tinsel – large
    Thorax - Sow scud rainbow dubbing 
    Spring 2012 - Fly Tyer Magazine

    Prince Charming

    Vince Wilcox

    Hook - Your choice of curved-shank emerger hook, sizes 12-18

    Bead – Brass or tungsten, your choice of color

    Thread – Your choice of color

    Tail - Grizzly marabou or chickabou

    Body - Stretch tubing, v-rib, d-rib etc.

    Rib – Fine wire

    Wing - White goose biots tied in a vee

    Thorax - Your choice of dubbing

    Hackle - Dry fly hackle

    Note: Select materials in your choice of colors.

    Spring 2012 – Fly Tyer Magazine

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