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  1. as an aside, i bought a renzetti traveler way back in 1988 when they originally came out and used it for over 30+ years with absolutely no problem and no maintenance required. it was the old thumb screw jaw version and i and i replaced that with the cam lever version jaws. there was absolutely nothing wrong with the the old jaws. i just wanted the cam lever jaws.

    i eventually gave away the old traveler to a tyer on this forum that needed a vise and he has never been back on this forum

    thats when i purchased the black anodized finish traveler. to this day it has never failed to hold a hook and has never required any maintenance. i try to tie every day but i dont sit down and pump out dozens of flies every day.  i tie trout, salmon, steelhead, bass, panfish flies and never go larger than maybe a number 2 size hook. i'm not into pike/musky, saltwater style flies

    i dont always use the rotary function (after 40 years tying i think i can usually wrap an evenly spaced rib or know what the other side looks like) but its nice to be able to use it when needed (i still wrap hackles hand over hand). i dont think a rotary vise had made me a better fly tyer. you still have to be able to put feathers and fur onto a hook. you can still use a rotary and flies look like 💩

  2. i have to disagree with the black anodized finish wearing off


    a little discoloring after a few years of using my black renzetti traveler

    and so what if it wears off? it certainly wont affect the functionality of the vise. its complete covered by the bobbin rest fitting and out of site. non issue imo

    completely hidden by the fitting plus its the  least important part of the vise. jaws are #1. bobbin rest it really not required to tie flies


  3. google found this

    Description clear1x1.gif clear1x1.gif
    DBox_Border_Left_Top.gif clear1x1.gif DBox_Border_Right_Top.gif
    The Drennan range of fly hooks has unfortunately been discontinued but we have bought all the remaining stock.  This means that some sizes in particular patterns are not available but we have the biggest selection available.

    These hooks are superb and are made for Drennan by Kamasan - so they are identical to some of the Kamasan products but Drennan have a much bigger range of shapes and sizes

    The Drennan UV Longbelly Hook.    A perfect hook with a special bent shank designed for living nymph or swimming nymph flies.

    Chemically Sharpened, Needle Point, High Carbon Fly Hooks, Special swimming nymph type shape, forged, gold finish.
    Box of 16 hooks.
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