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    @DFoster Thank you
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    i wasnt tying clousers 😀 but i'm pretty sure i tied them on the right side comet fly pattern - Google Search most of the eyes on clousers are tied on top of the hook shank clouser minnow - Google Search did you tie them on the wrong side? maybe bob clouser ties them incorrectly?
  3. i'm not sure why its tied that way unless the bead was way too big and was going over the hook eye just tie a ball of thread behind the hook eye and then add the bead then follow the video below
  4. Madsen Hook - Mustad 94833, size 10-14 Thread - Black Tail - Wood duck flank fibers Body - Emerald green yarn, tied full* Rib - Brown, palmered Wing - Gray, tied sail wing (one hackle tip) Hackle - Gray *I used emerald green floss as I wasn't going to buy a skein of yarn for a few flies Madsen.pdf - Google Drive
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    where should the eyes be?
  6. try silicone should work for turkey slips
  7. i dont bother coating wings anymore they look pretty in the vise, but they eventually come apart anyway after a couple of fish
  8. Comet Steelhead Hook - TMC 7999 or equivalent Thread - Orange Eyes – Silver bead chain Tail - Orange bucktail Body – Silver Bill’s body braid Collar – Orange hen
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    Boss Steelhead Hook - TMC7999 or equivalent Thread - Black Tail - Black Bucktail about as long as the hook shank Body - Black yarn or chenille Ribbing - Silver tinsel flat or oval Hackle - Red or orange Eyes - Chrome plated bead chain Fly of the Month Club-Boss Steelhead Fly
  10. Fluorescent Green Jay Buchner Soft Hackle Fly Hook - Mustad 3906 or equivalent, size 6-14 Thread - Fluorescent green, black head Body - Fluorescent green floss Thorax - Hare's ear dubbing Hackle - Hungarian partridge *Fluorescent version of a Partridge & Green soft hackle Fly Tyer Pattern Bible
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    never gonna happen to me i'm diabetic and a scratch takes months to heal i cant imagine that a gazillion needle sticks over an area would heal quickly
  12. Pinkent Atlantic Salmon Bob Ent Hook - Gamakatsu T10-6H or equivalent Thread - Black Tag - 2 turns of medium oval tinsel Body - Rear half - salmon colored wool; front half - peacock herl Wing - Gray squirrel tail Hackle - 1 orange and 1 yellow hen hackle Fly Tyer Pattern Bible
  13. Duzzie Elmer Wallin Originator Hook - Mustad 962 or equivalent, size 6-10 Thread - Black Tail - Red calf tail Ribbing - Embossed tinsel Body - Orange yarn Wing - Gray squirrel tail Hackle - Brown Trout Flies of the East - Jim Schollmeyer & Ted Leeson
  14. Amy Special Hook - Mustad 94845 or equivalent, size 10-16 Thread - Black Tail - 1 red hackle tip Body - Red chenille Wing - White calf tail Hackle - Grizzly Flies for Trout - Dick Stewart & Farrow Allen
  15. Hair Wing Hopper Hook - Mustad 94840 or equivalent, size 8-12 Thread - Black Tail - Red duck quill Body - Green chenille Wing - Natural bucktail, tied trude Hackle - Brown & grizzly, mixed I used deer hair for the wing HairWingHopper.pdf - Google Drive
  16. i'm in mayer's mini leech as bob said, there are lots of patterns mini leech fly patterns - Google Search
  17. who are you talking to? squatch lost his secret decoder ring in the forest 😢😢
  18. Michigan Stone Hook: Mustad 94833 or equivalent, size 12-18 Thread - Yellow Body - Yellow rabbit fur dubbing (or synthetic) Wing - Deer Hair, tied flat over the body, extending slightly beyond the bend of the hook Hackle - Grizzly, tied fore and aft MichiganStone.pdf - Google Drive
  19. Rockhopper Hook - Mustad 94831 or equivalent, size 8-14 Thread - Yellow Body - Kapok Underwing - Black calf tail Overwing - Turkey Hackle - Brown & grizzly, mixed Rockhopper.pdf - Google Drive
  20. Corey's Calf Tail Hook - Mustad 94840 or equivalent, size 8-16 Thread - Yellow Tail - White calf tail Body - Red, yellow or gray dubbing Rib - Gold wire Wing - White calf tail, one wing tied upright, clump style, tied forward leaning Hackle - Brown CoreysCalfTail.xps - Google Drive
  21. Lacy's Caddis Hook - TMC 100 or equivalent, size 8-18 Thread - Brown Body - Light orange floss, rear 2/3 of the hook. Peacock herl, front 1/3 of the hook Rib - Brown hackle, palmered over the floss Wing - Elk Hair, tied caddis style Head - Trimmed deer hair, caddis style LacysCaddis.pdf - Google Drive
  22. Mer's No Hackle Hex Hook - Mustad 94840 or equivalent, size 6 Thread - Tan Tail - Extensions of the body hair, not flared if possible Body - Deer or elk body hair, tied parallel to the hook. Ribbing -Crisscrossed tying thread 4 to 5 turns Wing - Black Tailed Deer, tied spent and trimmed both sides to bring it to correct proportions Hackle - None MersNo-HackleHex.pdf - Google Drive
  23. Woodchuck Skunk Hook - Mustad 9672 or equivalent, size 6 Thread - Black Tail - Woodchuck guard hairs Legs - White rubber legs Body - Yellow chenille (medium) Wing - Woodchuck guard hairs, tied down over the back, caddis style Hackle - Brown WoodchuckSkunk.pdf - Google Drive
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