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  1. From a GOOGLE search!!! "A local guide in the Lehigh Valley (Don Douple) ties a fly he calls the honeybug inchworm. It is just cotton chenille in a bright light green color wrapped on a size 8 or 10 #5263 Tiemco hook. The local fly shop dyes and sells the chenille and the owner says this fly is his favorite. I used to laugh at him and call him "Honeybug Rod". After a trip to the Little J this summer, I'm not laughing anymore. Don and I absolutely hammered the fish on this fly - it outfished everything else better than 10 to 1. First thing when we got home, I tied another dozen!"
  2. Looks like a company making knockoffs of some USA products.
  3. That space is reserved for the head of the fly, not the thorax!!! In time it'll get easier!
  4. olb, I hope you didnt think I was picking on your fly. My comments were meant to help you out with proportions, thats all.
  5. dh, Use only 2 or 3 tight wraps of thread after pulling the wincase forward or tie off the hackle etc then trim off the excess material as close as possible. Use some fine point scissors to do this. Then you can build a nice thread head with no materials protruding from it. Dont crowd the eye of the hook!!! Its OK to stop a little short of the eye of the hook with materials. Give yourself some room up there. When trimming materials at the eye of the hook, follow the angle of the eye with your scissors. Like this This will taper the materials away from the eye of the hook. I hope these are good tips for you.
  6. What are the legs made of? Shorten them up. Clean up the material in front of the thread head. It should be thread only. Too much material in the tail and it does look like it on the far side of the hook. Thin it out by 3/4.
  7. Not if bubba steps on your package!!! You could package them in a plastic vhs tape box.
  8. Any and I mean any trout fly will catch bluegills!!!
  9. Dubbit tool from Larry Walker is a good one Try here: http://www.dougswisher.com/twister.htm http://shop.siman.cz/index.html?pod=/_109840.htm
  10. Renzetti tool caddy Made 2 Fly tool caddy The midge bench from Oasis fly tying benches
  11. flytire

    Wax worm

    waxworm=bait try natural latex, as in latex gloves at the doctors office
  12. These might have what youre looking for http://flyfisherman.com/ftb/ssthread/index.html http://flytyingworld.com/thread.htm
  13. I currently use c & f boxes
  14. Does it come with Cocktail Sauce?
  15. heres some photos from Cabelas website and some more http://www.riverwire.com/cgi-bin/item/wd50 WD50 Recipe (from the fotos above) Hook: Tiemco 2488 Sizes 16 - 24. Thread: 8/0 Uni thread; color is your choice Tail: Wood Duck flank. Body: Thread. Thorax: Grey fur of your choice Wing: Wood Duck flank clipped short You could also add beads to make it a "Beadhead WD50" or a tungsten bead to make it a "Tungsten WD50".
  16. They can break too!!!
  17. I'm out of this one. Too much on the plate so to speak.
  18. Throw it away and use "Griffs Thin" head cement.
  19. Get some Mustads here and I think its 20% off to boot http://www.hookhack.com/hooks.html#anchor18927654
  20. Onion skins might work. Go to GOOGLE and type in "onion skin dyes" and search the results.
  21. Save this to your hard drive.
  22. Noun 1. moufflon - wild short-fleeced mountain sheep of Corsica and Sardinia
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