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  1. folded mallard wing http://paivantasaajanperhokerho.blogspot.com/search/label/Taitetun Mallard-siiven sitominen *
  2. You cannot reverse the jaws on a traveler to put the screw on the back for a right handed tyer no threaded hole on that side of the jaw see my photo above on the vise chug has I don’t know
  3. the bobbin holder could also be the problem for breaking thread not just the kind or size of thread. it doesnt break itself
  4. tie left handed and the offending screw goes away 😁 there ya go! problem solved
  5. the truth? i would not buy that fly
  6. the bottom one is a "joes hopper"
  7. There is one it’s called the “trading floor” and requires 40 posts before anybody can sell anything a moderator has to approve each classified and will not show up instantly. Only after approval http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?/forum/17-the-trading-floor/
  8. @DFoster at an expensive price $$$ (which is fine) scrapbook paper 89 cents and interchangeable paper holder $7-8
  9. tan, blue and gray scrapbook paper held in a typists document holder
  10. Sparkle Quill Caddis Pups - (Hans Weilenmann)
  11. St Vrain Caddis (Olive) (AK Best)
  12. i had a chest pack and between that and my belly i could never see my feet when wading to see the damn rocks 😁
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