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  1. This is the 2003 paperback edition of "The Fly" which was previously published in 2001 as a limited edition hardback. It was published by The Medlar Press Limited, The Grange, Ellesmere, Shropshire. Chapter illustrations are by Paul Cook. It traces the history & development of fly fishing, fly tying & tackle making from the evidence of its earliest beginnings to the 21st century. The author, a former surgeon and now GP has written several books on fly fishing and maintains a site for anglers, "fishingmuseum.org.uk."
  2. Gullflugan (Icelandic) The Gold Fly Hook - Gamakatsu T10-6H or equivalent Thread - Black Tag - Gold oval tinsel and yellow floss Tail - Golden pheasant crest Butt - Black ostrich herl Rib - Oval gold tinsel Body - Flat gold tinsel Throat - Black schlappen or hen hackle fibers Wing - Gray squirrel dyed yellow
  3. Charlie Boy Hopper Charlie Craven Hook - Mustad 94840or equivalent, size 8 Thread - Brown Body - Tan/brown/olive/black 2mm foam Legs - Brown rubber legs Wing - Elk/deer hair Eyes- Black marker
  4. flytire

    Book Wanted

    i added the book to the shopping basket and you cant check out im not gonna bother with that site its a book on my wish list but not a must have
  5. Golden Bear Bucktail Originated by Mike Martinek Jr Hook - Partridge CS17 Ken Baker or equivalent, size 4 Thread - Black Tail - Golden pheasant tippet Body: Gold Axxel flash or equivalent (Bill's Body Braid) Wing: Yellow over orange over yellow bucktail Throat: Mallard flank fibers (sparse) Cheeks - Jungle cock Streamer Fly Patterns for Trolling and Casting Volume II, Mike Martinek Jr.
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    Book Wanted

    thanks but it doesnt help me 😀
  7. @RexW nice looking flies 👍👍
  8. Spring Wiggler Steelhead, trout etc. Hook - Mustad 3906, 3906B, 3399 or equivalent, size - various, typically #8 Thread - Black Weight - Optional Tail - Squirrel tail Body - Various colors of chenille (medium or ultra) Wing case - Squirrel tail Hackle - Various colors of saddle hackle palmered
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    Book Wanted

    i found it on that site above but its not a secure site CATALOGS (classicflyfisherman.com)
  10. Lady Hamilton Ralph Wahl Steelhead Fly Hook - Gamakatsu T10-6H or equivalent Thread - Black Tail - Red goose or duck quill segments Ribbing - Silver tinsel Body - Red floss (may be coated with 4 coats of model airplane dope) Wing - Orange over white bucktail Eyes - Painted black over white Fly Tyer Pattern Bible - V.1 I.4
  11. tie the fly with only the red or orange thread
  12. try glo brite threads or uni stretch for the hot spot or entirely white thread and color with a marker if you used a dark color thread for most of the fly and then tie on a red thread for the collar, it will darken because of the dark thread underneath red is a shitty color anyway. i muse red on some salmon and steelhead flies and it always darkens when wet
  13. Church Window Hornberg Hook - Mustad 9671, 9672 or equivalent, size 8-10-12 Thread - Brown or black Body - Silver tinsel Underwing - Pair of gray hackle tips Wing - Pair of matched cock pheasant neck/shoulder church window feathers Cheeks - Jungle cock (optional) Collar - Grizzly, Cree or brown hackle (I used 2 Cree hackles)
  14. flytire

    Book Wanted

    Looking to buy or borrow (to scan for my personal use) Please advise on your price
  15. Hatching Foam Pupa Daniel Bergman Hook - Mustad C068 or equivalent, size 12-16 Thread - Brown Rear Body - 2mm tan foam strip, segmented with hemostat and colored with brown marker Head cover - 2mm tan foam strip from the rear body and colored with brown marker Thorax - Tan ice dubbing Eyes - 50-pound mono burnt and coated with black uv resin or substitute
  16. HC Foam Stone Hook - Mustad 9672 or equivalent, size 6-8 Thread - Black Body - Black and orange 2mm foam Wing - Fox squirrel tail hairs over pearl krystal flash Sighter - Orange 2mm foam Legs - Barred black/orange rubber legs
  17. Apricot Haze Stephan Banakas Hook - Mustad 3399, 3906, 3906B 9671 or equivalent size 8-10-12 Weight - Lead free wire Thread - Brown Tail - Brown marabou Hackle - Brown Body - Worm brown ultra-chenille This is just another of the hundreds of variations of a wooly bugger/worm Original recipe did not call for a wire rib but if you need it then add it to your fly. I just embedded the hackle in the valley between the chenille wraps. ApricotHaze.jpg (640×840) (ngatu692.com)
  18. DH Hopper - Black/Orange Carl Pennington Hook - Mustad 9671 or equivalent, size 8 Thread - Orange Over body -Black 2mm foam Underbody - Orange 1mm foam Thorax - Orange Ice Dub Underwing - Rainbow krystal flash Wing - Elk Hair Legs – Rubber legs (black, brown, barred)
  19. Dewan Ron Taylor Winged Wet Fly Hook - Mustad 3399, 3906, 98480 or equivalent, size 12-14 Thread - Black Tail - Golden pheasant tippets Body - Black floss Wing - Gray squirrel tail Collar - Grizzly hen hackle Fly Tyer Pattern Bible (Volume 3, Issue 4)
  20. Mini Chernobyl Ant Hook - Mustad 3399, 3906 or equivalent, size 14 Thread - Brown Dubbing - Golden stone dubbing Body - 2mm tan foam Wing - Poly yarn Legs - Superflex Spandex Leg Material – Brown Mini Chubby Fly Tying Tutorial | Hopper Fishing Blog (wordpress.com)
  21. Chernobyl Ant Hook - Mustad 9671 or equivalent, sizes 6 - 10 Thread - Orange Underbody/Belly - 2mm orange foam Upperbody/Back - 2mm black foam Legs - Brown rubber legs Indicator - 2mm yellow foam Tying the Chernobyl Ant (stoneriveroutfitters.com)
  22. Klod Hopper Hook - Mustad 9671 or equivalent, size 6-8-10 Thread - Dark brown Body -Tan craft foam Hackle - Brown Over Body - Tan dubbing Wing - Elk or deer hair Legs - Orange/black, yellow/black rubber legs Klod Hopper (flyanglersonline.com)
  23. Yellow Sally Hook - Mustad 94840 or equivalent Thread Yellow Tag - Red thread or floss Body - Yellow dubbing or biot Wing - Pale yellow antron Hackle - Grizzly
  24. Pink Pookie Hook – Mustad 9671 or equivalent, size 8 Thread - Red Foam - 2mm craft foam. Tan foam for the wing, pink for the belly Under-Wing - Natural deer hair Post - 2mm craft foam – Orange, yellow, pink, white etc. Legs - Medium yellow/black barred rubber legs
  25. Chief Needahbeh Originator - Chief Needahbeh Hook – Mustad 3665A or equivalent Thread – Red und body; black head Tag - Flat silver tinsel Tail - A section of red duck or goose quill Body -Red floss. The original version has a red hackle "throat" one third of the way forward on the body. Rib - Flat silver tinsel Wing - A red saddle hackle on each side of two yellow saddle hackles Cheeks - Jungle cock Throat - A red saddle hackle tied on as a collar after the wing has been applied Collar - Red saddle hackle UV resin head Chief Needahbeh
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