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  1. wow tom thanks for this link, i think ive died and gone to heaven. great site. :yahoo:
  2. Im working on a couple more of these when i get them perfected ill post a pic.
  3. I cant remember what i voted for :dunno: but it was either blue gill or large mouth bass. I get more pleasure out of blue gill cause the fishing can be fast but when a bass hits the fight is on. :yahoo:
  4. Im still using the vise that came with a kit i bought from cabales several years ago. Has been slipping for several years just havent been able to justify buying a new one. :wallbash:
  5. Id be proud to have that dancing on the end of my line amongst the lilly pads. You might want to think about making it weedless though. depending on the water your fishing though. Its a must where im fishing.
  6. Just joined the group a few days ago and learning my way around. Started back into fly fishing just recently after a few years off. Had all my fishing equipment stolen and have just about replaced it all now. Im 49 yrs old and have been tying my own flys and fly fishing since age 12 but from looking at some of the pics here im still a beginner. Looking forward to learning alot more from yall. :yahoo:
  7. i was just thinking about ear plugs at work last night. Used pocket knife to shape a couple and was wondering if it would work.
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