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  1. Alright, thanks for all the advice guys. The Fox and Escanaba both sound good, and I'll probably be going pretty soon. Does anyone know what sort of hatches expect once I get up there?
  2. Howdy all, I haven't been here for over a month. I'm planning a trip to the UP Michigan with some friends, and was hoping for some advice on good areas for camping and trout fishing. We have been looking at the Hiawatha Nat. Forest - the Western unit around Munising - is that a good area in general? I would welcome suggestions for any particular places or rivers to visit, even though we may end up just picking a random location.
  3. My weekend trip never materialized - way too busy. As of tomorrow, I am gone, but I'll be back in June and ready to hit the river. Hope to see some of you Ohio guys then. Regards!!
  4. I will try to get out on the river this weekend. I'll be watching the weather pretty closely...and praying.
  5. Well, I did try to get in some fishing time today and yesterday. Having a lot of other business to take care of, I ended up getting to the park later than I expected and only had a couple hours to fish before dark. I didn't catch anything, but luckily it was a dry night for camping - that alone made the trip. This morning drove to Gatton Rocks above Butler, but I only fished a total of 1/2 hour between the off-and-on rain and snow!! Oh well, I had to get home anyways. Gatton Rocks looks really nice, but I will have to wait 'til June to get back there. There's a huge nursery, maybe good 'hopper fishing in the summer? I envy your being able to go to PA, fishinlk. I will be transferring to Kent State this fall and am looking for fishing opportunities in Eastern OH/Western PA.
  6. I'll be there tomorrow and maybe a little bit on Tuesday. I have a pretty bad history of getting rained on every time I go to Mohican, so I will be happy just to have a dry day and find the stream in good condition. Also a chance to try out a new digital camera - hopefully on a piscine subject!
  7. Living where I do, I don't get over here very much, and have never been very successful on this river. For those familiar with it, I've mostly fished in Mohican SP where I understand there's a mix of browns, smallies, and who know's what else. Its mostly the browns that I target, but I've only caught little ones there. My impression is that there is a lot of put-and-take. I've been told the water above the dam is good, too, but have actually only been there once.
  8. Nice! I will be tying some up just for kicks if I go to the AuSable this summer.
  9. When fly tiers say 'royal' we are obviously talking about red floss/peacock bodies, but just what is a coachman? I always figured that the term had something to do with wet flies, since there is also the leadwing coachman. Never heard of the Cabin Coachman, OSD, what is it?
  10. Bryanfly, I have not fished in PA yet, though some acquaintances from there make it sound like the angling is superlative....so I plan on it as soon as I can. Maybe this summer. Most of the fishing I have heard about is in central Pennsylvania, any good streams in the western part of the state??
  11. Wow, I will be on the Mad tomorrow, too. Planning to go with a guy I know who has never fly fished for trout before, so it should be an adventure. With all the rain so far this spring -- and my bad timing -- I've found myself doing a lot of fishing further upstream just to avoid high water, but that won't be the case now. I have never fished from the Millerstown Rd. access so I'm thinking we'll explore there at least a little bit. Anyone familiar with that area??
  12. Well, fishin' in May is right out for me: I'll be in Vietnam for pretty much the whole month. Love to go either in late April or sometime after I return.
  13. I fish our beloved Mad River, too! I more or less started to fish it seriously last summer/fall, and I have already been out several times this spring. Still getting to know the river, though I live too far away to go more than once a week. Anyways, I'm wondering where you guys are catching all these 'bows in the Mad. All I've ever caught are browns (not that I'm complaining). I see that there are rainbows on the access signs, too. Are they concentrated in the upstream areas or do they mostly fall for certain techniques??
  14. Yes, I see there are a lot of Ohio and Midwest people here. I live in Northwest Ohio, not far from Lima -- lived there since I was 11. It wouldn't be my first choice of location for prime fishing, but I cope! Most of my fly fishing I do on the Mad River for trout, and I try to travel as much as possible, so I've really accumulated a lot of experience in out of state areas.
  15. I've been looking at internet FFing forums for a while, but finally decided to register here cuz it looks like a lot of great people. I currently hail from Ohio, though I've lived all over the place, and have been fly fishing for 5 years. Looking forward to learning a thing or two and sharing with people on this board!! Sorry title should be Sayin' Hi...
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