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  1. Hey flytime I just got my flies yesterday and there great. Everybody's are very well done :thumbsup: thanks foor the extrass, they are very nice. Christmas is almost here :yahoo: Christmas is my favorite time of the year, my birthday was on the sixteenth. I'm thirteen
  2. Thanks fly time for hosting a great swap. Haven't got mine yet but I'm looking forward to them. did you go fishing with eny of your extras? I'm sure the flies will look great :thumbup: thanks to everybody that entered in the swap :yahoo:
  3. The olive brown one is for you, fly time. Tell me if you catch enything whith it. I sure don't mind waiting till they are all in. I made junior-A basketball for my school. :headbang:
  4. Hi, Gillbuster, What are you tying these days? I am trying out for junior basketball at middle school and am buzy with community basketball. School volleyball just finished. my team got gold for the countys. :yahoo: I hope that Flytime got my flies, I am sure that they got there by now. I sent them from Canada on the 14th of nov. I really liked tying scuds. Have you tied them before?
  5. I sent out my flies on Nov 14th. I made crystal olive scuds. The Polar chenille was too wierd to work with so I used crystal chenille. I tied them on size 8 Mustad C49 hooks. You could let me know if I could tie any parts better.
  6. :headbang: hey fly time I am going to tie some shrimp with olive brown polar chenille and golden olive scudback. I will tie an extra one for the swapmiester. If I have eny trouble at all I will contact you on the site. I will try to send them off by monday.
  7. Yahoo my first fly tying swap. count me in. thanks for setting this up, fly time. I will send an extra one for the swapmiester. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: November 20 sounds good to me. I havent figured out what fly to tie yet.
  8. Hello Graham, I have seen some of your pics, WOW! Those are spectacular! I am 12 and I just joined today. I will post some pics soon. :headbang: Flytire, I like your bird dogs
  9. hello everybody. ALERT, ALERT, ALERT!!![/ Another kid has infiltrated the website. :hyst: hello I am new to the website. this is a great place, I like the people, pics and the work you guys do. I have tied 4 flies; wolly buggers, crazy buggers and a streamer. I am going to post some pics soon. I am 12 years old and I like sports, I play volleyball and basketball.
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