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  1. She received what she had coming.
  2. I use a Regal with the brass base. I really like the way it holds a hook. I have never had any problems with mine. Although I have heard that if you do not get the hook deep enough in the jaws, there is a possibility of the jaws chipping. I have both the standard and midge jaws for mine. I use the midge jaws 99% of the time.
  3. Was it a Cortland CL?
  4. Odessa

    Two fly setup.

    If I am nymphing, I use a two nymph set up 100% of the time. I generally tye the second fly to the bend of the first. I space them between 18" and 24" apart. Every once in awhile you will snag, but if you adjust the weight this is not a problem. I usually fish with two #4 splits, and adjust this to the conditions. This set up has preformed very well for me for many years.
  5. Hey, this link is a review of all the new vises, done by flyfisherman magazine. I found this very helpful when I purchased my latest vise- http://www.flyshop.com/ftb/hwvise/index.html
  6. I will be fishing in my own back yard on the Provo River. Fishing has been very good the past few weeks, and I do not dare travel somewhere else when the fishing is so good 5 minutes from home. I tried the upper Green River a few weeks ago on the Wyoming side, and was not that impressed. My little river is much better. I will fish it two of the three days. Good luck to everyone that has the chance to throw a fly. Matt
  7. Great POST! Wish you had it on film.
  8. SD Is the Provo River listed in this book? Thanks Matt
  9. Will, my check is in the mail. Thanks Matt
  10. That was very quick. Thanks for the picture. I think that I can handle tying a few of these. What size of hook and type do you suggest that I tye these on? Thanks again Matt
  11. Jerry Thanks for the information and your offer to help me out on this adventure. I am not sure which week my wife can get off work yet, but when I find out I will contact you. I was wondering if you could post a picture of a marabou fly? I am not sure if I have seen one. I also do not know what a showgirl fly is. I did not know that King's were in the Columbia. I would love to hook one of those. My family has had a place there for a long time, and I have never bothered to go up there. Sounds like this has been a mistake on my behalf. Thanks again, Matt
  12. Will I will take the following- 1140- 18, 16 1260- 16, 14, 8 1530- 16,14 1710- 18, 16, 14 2220- 6, 8 Thanks, Matt
  13. I wonder if they should regulate the types of fish that can be purchased for home aquariums. If people are turning their fish lose, this can lead to huge ecological problems. Whole bodies of water would be lost to solve the problem of illegally introduced fish.
  14. For the past few months, I have been fishing Cortlands Lazer line in chartreuse. This line is one of the brightest lines I have seen. I have caught enough fish on this line to believe that color is not that important. Your cast is much more likely to spoke fish than the color of your line. My spare reel has a SA mastery Trout line in Dark willow on it. I do not see a difference between the lines in ability to catch fish, so in my opinion I do not think that color matters that much.
  15. Odessa


    Who cares what you use to catch fish? Tye something on and cast it, if you catch fish more power to ya. Every one does their own thing and there is nothing wrong with that. He is just upset that weighted nymphs catch more fish than his purist direction. Who's to say what is pure? Anyone is entitled to their own opinon on the correct method to use, so do not force yours on others.
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