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  1. Hey Will. Is there a way you could allow pins to be marked by someone entering their latitude & longitude directly? This would help those who aren't in the US to get their pins on the map. Also, it would give a more accurate marking for those of us in the US. Just a thought. ~ Andy
  2. Woolly Bugger - Thanks for the links! I had to search those forums for Harvey Wall to find out what happened, but it appears my troubles were a warning sign of bigger things to come. I'm one of the fortunate ones who actually got a refund. And the Better Business Bureau of North Carolina has had at least 8 more complaints about this guy since my complaint opened a file on him in 2004. Wow.
  3. Yeah, you should take a look. You just might be there. I think I have over 100 photos of the Ship Creek King fishery during the derby on my site. Are you in Alaska now? Are you here year round? I'm just wondering as I see your location under your photo is Gresham, OR.
  4. Sketch

    Thunder creek

    Yes. Sparse is best. It's also easier to tie. Plus the more material you tie into one of these, the more difficult it is to get it to sink. I'm not saying thicker ties won't catch fish, but my experience has been best with thinly tied ones.
  5. Hey if there is still room, I'll join this one. I need to tie some by mid-October anyways, for the Anchor River steelhead run. So yep, add me to the list.
  6. Kings can get a person into more trouble and sure know how to humble a guy! Glad you came out of the experience ok. Thanks for sharing.
  7. No offense taken. I do my fair share of catch and release, even with big Kings, but most Alaska salmon fisheries are managed for harvest, commercial & sport fishing, and this one is no exception. This particular fishery is a result of a hatchery/stocking program that revolves around providing a sport fishery in the middle of downtown Anchorage. Each year, the state biologists make sure the necessary escapement gets through. The rest of the fish are meant to be caught and harvested. A 44 pound king may seem big to you, and I guess it is, but they come in much larger than that. I've taken a 60 pound fish from this stream and the hatchery reports fish in the 70 pound class that return each year. Most of the tackle used there just can't handle fish of that size and they rarely get caught. This is a really neat fishery, and I feel very privileged to be able to fish it. I spent a bunch of time taking photos this year while down there, and put the best of the best in a gallery. You can view that gallery HERE under the EVENTS category. Hey GlobalFisher, maybe you are in there.
  8. Yes, it is cut open. Good observation. I had a little hand held scale that I weighed the fish with before gutting it. The photographer happened by as I was working on it. I believe that fish went into the smoke house the next day.
  9. Ran across this site and it seems this may be an interesting twist. I've imagined doing something like this but never have. Anyone try this before? Very effective at catching fish? Bouncer Flies
  10. My name ended up in the paper twice this year, and even a photo, was published about local fishing news! Odd, for sure since half the summer I didn't even spend fishing as I had to do some work in PA. But I am a regular in the spring on the local King fishery at Ship Creek. Here they are: Ship Creek is a great spot for urban angling Denizens of Ship Creek
  11. OK. I'm blind half the time. My wife even says so. Just ask me to find something other than beer in the fridge and I go blind as a bat. Any who, where in these forums does a person make freshwater reports? I PUT IT HERE but I believe that is for saltwater. Am I just blind or is there a place for such posts? Thanks!
  12. I haven't had as much time to fish this year as I'd like but yesterday a buddy and I went to a lake we've never fished to try our luck. And luck we had. Fishing along the edge of weed bed with a purple conehead lake leach, I hooked into this 28 in 'bow. My fishing partner nailed a 26 incher and later in the day, I caught it's twin. This obviously won't be our last trip to this lake! More photos from my 2005 Alaska season, CLICK HERE
  13. My wife told me this one tonight - cracked me up! You know why they call it 'PMS'? Because 'Mad Cow' was already taken.
  14. QUOTE (daryn smith @ Mar 16 2005, 07:59 AM) I could not get the video to play, I have fell through the ice before and let me tell you its no treat. Be patient. It takes a while to load as it is a fairly long video. I'm on cable and it still took a couple minutes before the video started to play.
  15. Pretty decent video on what to do should you go through the ice. I spent a few minutes to watch and felt it well worth my time. http://www.exn.ca/video/?Video=exn20020325-icewater.asx Stay safe out there!
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