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  1. glad it came close to working out I will have to get the swapmeister to buy me some stamps next time. thanks for making it work. Its also hard to send money through the mail. Jon
  2. Hi Scott, IRC -International reply coupon. Supposedly it covers the cost to mail a letter back to me . Ie. I send a letter to BFR in Michigan and the IRC covers the purchase of the stamps to mail it back because I can't buy any USA postage stamps here. so although you can buy and lick 500 stamps to mail a package back fotr some reason it seems you can only use one IRC coupon. I sent BFR a few just in case hope that it works out . Did that answer your question? Jon
  3. got mine yetsrday can't wait till christmas.... Hope all the postage worked out. i just read the post under irc coupons. Anyidea why only one can be used? Merry Christmas Jon
  4. :cheers: Have another guinness anyone. Jon
  5. I am a liscensed automotive technician, shop foreman/manager at a garage/tire franchise. Full time dad, 2 boys 3 and 4-1/2, with another on the way. Never enough hours in the day. cheers Jon
  6. glad you received it purolator website still shows it in hamilton merry christmas Jon
  7. shipment stalled on tarmac I will update later sorry jon
  8. hey guys sorry totally forgot to mail the flys, they are on the way purolator overnight. pin number732343191. sorry about the inconvenience, tire season took all I had this year. Only beginning of december and already we are out of snow tires. who would have guessed. BFR they will be there tomorrow . Jon pin# 7323433191 double threes. shipment seems to be stalled at mount hope hopefully it has moved further. I will check later. Jon 12-3-
  9. Hey mouse , i live in hamilton and have participated in quite a few swaps now. usually quite a challenge. Our postal system is expensive to send anything larger than a tic tac box (ie ours is 7 dollars and the states return is 2 dollars). oh well whats money anyways the flies are always great some tied with skill others with a lot of heart but all are enjoyed. try to send your flies with a tracking number i havelost a couple of sets without them. Regards Jon Ps the flies look great mine are ready to mail/
  10. sorry about that old hat. But it is quite good.
  11. Hey guys! I finally got the wing feathers that I needed should be tying them up in the next couple of days. Jon
  12. Could I join This one too. I am tying the wet fly coachman for the Royal swap and I am getting quite obsessed with the wet flys. I like the old montreal to tie. Thanks Jon
  13. hello. I know how little time there is to tie. try to make time if you can the rewards are all worth it. I haven't fished wisconsin but if you target a species in the fly pattern database several flys will probably show up. Google search may give some other choices. is there a club or flyshop near you, they both really helped me out. Good luck Jon
  14. Great ties , guys! (hey that rhymes.... sorry), i think that the judges have their work cut out for them. Good Luck. Jon
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