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  1. Hi All, I would like to say a big thank you to all on the forum for the warm welcome,for all the expert advise/tips and to new friends,here's hoping that next year is the year I net the specimen trout. :yahoo: :headbang: :headbang: I have really enjoyed the short time I have been here and I'm now looking forward to the new year with great expectation. :bugeyes: :bugeyes: To all the guys and staff @Flytying Forum, a big Thank you and may you continue to supply us with a great service: :headbang: :yahoo: Finally I would like to take this oppertunity in wish all staff and members of the "FLYTYING FORUM" a Happy and Peaceful Holiday and best wishes for the New Year(season). Tight LInes Mike .S.
  2. Hi Welcome, I live in Ireland,anything you wish to know re trout fishing in Ireland I will do my best to help. Have to say this is the best site I have found on the web,got guys from all over. One of the great thing about this site, there is always more than one person ready to answer your question or failing that ,at least point you in the right direction. So helpful,I love it. :yahoo: :headbang: :headbang: I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I am. Tight lines Mike.S To fish is to fly
  3. What a time of year to have a Birthday you lucky dog two lots of fishing tackle in the one month. Belated wishes Steve :headbang:
  4. Have to agree with "mtn" gotta be the easiest fly "F fly" to begin of with :headbang: Ideal for small streams. [You could also tie the f fly its proably the easiest pattern in the world to tie.] Materials I would use: Fly-rite dubbing,very fine copper wire and 3 Mallard CDC feathers. Best Of luck. tight lines Mike .S
  5. Though a novice I have to agree with Steelie most fishing tackle stores I know take a hit on some items just to get you in and then they mark up on the items you least expect,items you buy on a regular basis.Because they sell these (most expensive) items at a loss you believe you are getting a bargin when in fact you are paying top dollar. :wallbash:
  6. Hey man what a prize, I caught a 9lb cat fish on the Colorado 3 yrs ago and man that was a big fish for me :baby: :baby: ,I mean I thought I was in there in the vein,but I have to say what a fish :headbang: :bugeyes: :bugeyes: :bugeyes: :headbang: .How long did it take to land?? Mike .S.
  7. Hey man what ever works for you. Probably too much for us on this side of the pond as most of the rivers and lakes would not be as deep as those in the US. But as a fly tyer and not too good a tyer I might add, I believe that we all seek to improve on what has gone before with the result there are so many variant around today. I remember an old fishing buddy of mine once said he had read somewere that most flies today arrived from 12 basic patterns.Whether that is true or not I can't tell, but I am sure there is someone on this forum that will have the answer. The addition of the flash I have used with great effect when fishing rainbows. I have also tied them with a gold beaded head when fishing deeper water The method I would employ when fishing these types of flies ,without the props of course, would be a slow i figure of eight retrieve on a slow sink line in 6-8 ft of water. I have fished in lake Mead and the Colorado river and though not familiar with what is the right type of fly to use, I would imagine with the props infront they would be ideal for fishing there.Actually any tips on flies I could use in lake Mead or on the river would be appricated as I plan to return next year. tight lines. Mike.S
  8. River Liffy Co.Kildare Hi Don,welcome to arguably the best forum on the web.As you can see I am from Dublin and have been a member for just a couple of months but have picked up so much info and tips in that time. I have been speaking to friends of mine recently returned from a trip to Canada and they said the fishing was superb.Unfortunatly I have never been so lucky but maybe someday. I have no doubt that you will get all the info and tips that you need from the members on this forum. I would like to wish you a safe journey and that the fishing is all you hope it to be. Tight lines. Mike.S
  9. Hi Graham, been a while since I have visited this section of the forum , I am glad to see you continue to add to your collection of photos.I hope you plan do so for a long time to come. There is just a couple of things I would like to know(1)do you tie your flies with the same definition and clarity of your photos and(2) if so is there any fish left in the lake. Tight Lines. Mike.S
  10. Thanks Phg Just viewed the web page and it's a winner in my book, has everything that I would need to tie flies and all at affordable prices, plus 20% discount toboot. :headbang: Tight lines. Mike.S
  11. belated wishes Rick,hope you had a good day. Getting to the stage when I'm not so sure if I want to remember the Birthdays,hope you ain't at that stage just yet. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: Mike.S
  12. hi mike luckly the guy wasnt a member of this forum all the guys on here are fantastic blokes and this is one of the best forums on the net i put the message up really to stop any other guys who sell flies from going through what i did a heads up as the guys across the pond say , id be happy to send any of the guys on here flies without getting paid first tight lines dave mcfluffchucker Hi dave, yep! have to agree this is the best site on the web and the fact that you have taken this episode on the chin only adds to the fact and proof to everybody here that the above statement is true.With vigilence hopefully we can keep a check on items of this nature. I believe that no matter how many people come across posts of this kind we should report them.It is so easy to say "Sure some else has probably reported it" that way it may never be flagged.Though I must say that guys on this site are very sharp.Just gotta keep your eye open,be aware :bugeyes: Mike.S
  13. What is that? Hi Steve, on this side of the pond we call it RAY,don't know why maybe because it looks like sting ray but it don't grow as big. There are two ways of filletting the skate,if the skate is large enough you can cut from the back bone along the wing out to the tip, in strips of approx 3" wide and deep fry in batter, otherwise you cut off the wing completely and dip in batter and deep fry in the whole. In the States you have McDonnells(fast food)here in Ireland we also have Mcdonnells but we also have what we call the cafe(chipper)It is usually owned by an Italian family and all the food is deep fried in beef grease. I know it don't sound too good but as they say, don't knock it until you have tried it. hope you can understand the above. It really is a beautiful fish to eat,tastes more like chicken than fish. :headbang:
  14. Everybody should have a happy birthday,it is the only time of year that we can self endulge without feeling guilty. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :yahoo: Go fishing,enjoy your day. Tight lines Mike.S.
  15. Mike Sammon


    Terry,sorry to hear your bereavement. My Grandfather on my mother's side die some time ago and his wife ,my gran ,died a couple of yrs before that, but I still miss them both very much. My grand Dad was a theatre actor and his best friend was a guy called Jimmy O'Dea you may not have heard of him but he made a most famous film called " DARBY O'GILL AND THE LITTLE PEOPLE". unfortunately I never knew My grandparents on my fathers side as they both died before I was born. I am a Roman Catholic,not sure what that means to you but it means alot to me(gives me strenght),I will keep your Grandad in my prayers. I can only offer my condolences to your wife and can I say from experience the old adage,time is a great healer,really does apply but I know you will never forget and sometimes that is the best part ,recalling the good times. Kind regards Mike.S.
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