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  1. Simple, but professionally tied mtn........... Body is great................you using Pearsall's ?? Nice one Chris
  2. Proof of the pudding then !!!! Its a good pattern, that you could put some variation to, especially with all the multi coloured wire etc thats available nowadays. Thanks Elliot Best Regards Chris
  3. Hi Everyone, Have recently bought Steve Thornton's 'Listen to the River Vol. 2', and one of his flies uses cut out silk sheet. Know you can already buy the sheets with the wings already on, though seems like cheating. Does any one know where you can buy a white silk sheet of similar nature in Hobby Craft etc ?? (prefably sources in UK) Best Regards and have a godd day/night where ever you are Chris
  4. Nice one as always Elliot........ They would certainly work on a clear small lake etc, where you can see the fish, cast out, and lift the rod with the fly coming across the fishes vision. Haven't tried them on the chalkstreams yet, though will pretty soon. The mayfly are occupying my thoughts at the min !!!!!!!!!!!!! Best Regards and keep 'em comin Your friend Chris
  5. Nice flies......they will catch.. I fish the beats that Frank used to keeper (the upper Avon).......... The killer bug is a real killer.........You haven't tied it as the original, as the original didn't have a tail as yours does.... The wool is effective because with the reddih copper wire underneath (Frank used the very fine wire in electric elements etc), it gives a lovely pink colour, that is of course deadly for grayling in particular. FRank favoured grayling to trout generally, and the quote below is one of his. The original wool is expensive. In this country, two skeins went for auction at £150. I have one full skein, and a smaller one with two shades on.......... Regards Chris
  6. P.S And oh yeah..........I wouldn't use wire at all..........Will just reduce your floatability. Just tie in your hackle (works primarily with saddles) above the barb, dub your body, and then wind forward. This also stops the hackle splaying, which would happen if you were using a rib to wind through your hackle.......... At the end of the day, its all personal preference Best Regards Chris
  7. Hi Elliot, Frank's advice is good, but sometimes, it can't matter what technique you use, its the materials you are using. Try and get your hands on some yearling elk, as this won't roll as much on the shank as much as older elk will. Have never bought anything from Chris Helm, though if you want good elk or deer, he's the man to get it from. Hope this helps Regards Chris
  8. Hi everyone..... Just a fly i have been tying for the may fly season this year...... The body is superfine, and the thorax area is just spun olive and blue dun CDC........The wing by the way is a Dutch technique, where a silver mallard feather is folded back on itself, and then split along the stem.... Comments and critics are welcome Best Regards Chris
  9. Hi Richard, Hopefully i can be of help........I have a Cayote tying bag (Got it for Christmas)....... I think its a big investment, though it is something that will last you forever.........Its like anything really, the higher the price, generally the better the quality of the product. The main feature that makes the bag good, is its very sturdy and has an exceptionally strong structure.........It won't budge to anything.......I'm sure if you started dropping weights on it, it would stand the strain... The only negative thing i have about it, is that the hook boxes allow small hooks in particular to mix with other compartments, so you have to keep the hooks in packets. Hope this helps Its a great bag, and it also looks stunning, and will definitely look good amongst other tiers !!!!! Chris
  10. knoxy


    Lovely work Elliot, The Paradun is a great fly, and there are many variations on the fly: -Dyed turkey flats can be used for the wing (This technique is used by one of my favourite tiers Johan Klinberg) - Antron or poly. yarn can be used, and shaped when necessary Great work..... Keep it coming mate Chris
  11. UTC and Mosers Powersilk all the way.................. Chris
  12. Check your inbox...... I've voted Chris
  13. Firstly.......Hope you all have a fab Christmas, and get what you want off Santa!!! :hyst: Yes.....We have Frank Sawyer to thank for the pheasant tail nymph....I luckily fish some of the beats where he keepered which is always good. Of course, we can always thank him for the killler bug as well, as it is very much a killer!!! The pheasant tail is a very versatile pattern, and can be tied in any sizes and can be either a nymph or dry..... Regards Chris
  14. Yeah.....i fish the chalkstreams that sawyer and skues used to fish, so i am lucky in a way!!!!!
  15. Nice fly.....i suppose you use it on the lakes in Alberta......Your very lucky living in Canada.....i've always wanted to go.....especially for the fishing! Thanks for sharing your fly with us All the best Chris
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