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  1. Thank you ! Here in Québec, this rod cost is 489$ can. It's not to expensive... According to me, this rod will be more stiff than my TFO ! I like to "push" a little bit at the end of my casting... Hope that with this rod­... I'll be able to put my fly many foot far...
  2. I want to make the purchase of a SAGE VT-2 rod #9. What's your opinion about this product ? Good quality/price rate ? Nice look ? Stiff or smooth ? Thank you all !
  3. According to me, A good fly is not nescesserely a perfect imitation or a perfect fly ! I remember, one day, no body can hook any truit... I had try all my fly box... the only one fly who has work was a little ugly muddler minnow !!! So... perfection are not succes ! Dont stop your trip of tying for a research of the perfect fly ! Enjoy the moment with you equipement, use your imagination... and... tie !
  4. Welcome here my friend, This forum are full of many good tyers and good tips to improve your passion ! Take the ride and enjoy ! Christian From Québec / Canada
  5. Ahahah ! It's same for me... According to me, thanks McDonald to put number on each meal picture ! Ahahahh ! Somebody come from the province of Quebec here ?
  6. Ouff ! Thank you... i'm little bit shy with this kind of "welcome" from all of you ! I saw many salmon fly patterns on this forum... i'm so impres by the quantity of talented tyer here ! I hope that i'll improve both english and fly tying ability with you !
  7. MTtyer ! Thank you for your good word for me... I'll make my best to stay understandable ! Ahahah If i'm not... just tell me where I'm wrong... And... Your Avatar of caddis are... spectacular ! WowW! Phrygam nymph ?
  8. Fry Flier ! Canada, coast to coast is a great land for fly fishing ! Quinte ... Hummm I think that in the bay of Quinte you have there a lot of big Walleye !?
  9. ConeHead, My friend, My home is your's ! So, when you will make some plan to visit our province, send me a PM... I'll have probably a good deal for you If you want, I can guid you !
  10. Hi everyone ! My name is Christian and I come from Trois-Rivières (three rivers), a city between montreal and quebec in canada country. First, I want to apologized for my bad english... You should know that in the province of québec... the majority of the population talks only french... So, I take my courage... and i'll try to participate to this board. I'm 24 years old. I'm tying fly since 3 years. I try to captured each year many species of fish like trout, bass, salmon and northenpike... I'm working like Human Ressources manager and i'm studying at university in the MBA program. This summer was my first time meeting with SalmoSalar ! And... trust me... I'll always remember this first meeting ! **** My first and only one salmon: 32 inchs for approximatively 12 pounds **** OUff... It's hard to express myself in english... but the reality is : english = world ! So I should improve my capacity to speak shakespear language ! Thank you all for your patience with me... thank you also to make my pasion of fly tying growing up each day ! Sincerely, Christian
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