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  1. http://www.stillwaterflyfishingstore.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=16&zenid=im9q4lslvu3o13lp0p11c281k2 Brian Chan and Phil Rowley are 2 of the most knowledgeable fly tyers I have met. When it comes to freshwater chronnies and stuff nobody can touch them for their in depth knowledge. Both have videos on you tube as well. skip Morris is pretty good too. Marc
  2. It is a personal choice that fishers make. I like barbless and the it was mandatory in BC when I was out there made no difference. I have lost very few fish using them. I have even used them in the salt and caught 30-40 pd halibut. you just have to keep the pressure on em. marc
  3. I found this looking for something else. http://chichesterinc.com/RabbitZonkerStrips.htm Chichester supplies many craft stores also and has a very interesting lineup of products generally. marc
  4. Very nice. I would imagine that would work well for anything that eats mice. good color combo too. white on the bottom is important is many wild mice species have a whitish belly.. Marc
  5. I am all for supporting the local shop and of course the one here. Here is something I found today, not sure how well it works, but it loooks very interesting. http://www.dhgate.com/18-mixed-10-colors-synthetic-rooster-grizzly/p-ff80808138bd39080138d82d2b5f038b.html#s1-3-1 I found this one as I have always been looking for reindeer hide patches which I got a few years back in the Vancouver area. They also have quite a wide ranging product line including reindeer and anything else that moves including rabbit strips for tying purposes .http://www.chichesterinc.com/ As much as I like to support the shops, I also always look for a bargain. The reindeer which if you have never spun with is first rate and because it comes from Finland, it will be hollow. a pound of scraps goes for 40$, but these are fully tanned pieces that are leftovers. Marc
  6. http://www.dhgate.com/18-mixed-10-colors-synthetic-rooster-grizzly/p-ff80808138bd39080138d82d2b5f038b.html#s1-3-1 I saw this elsewhere and got me searching.....I wonder.... Marc
  7. Great ties in general. I like the D' Mouse pattern. Marc
  8. this is a foam frog simple to tie.marc
  9. Good idea. if you think about when they cut plug for salmon on the west coast that is what they do. cut a frozen herring on a 45 dg angle and then it rolls through the water like an injured herring. never thought about translating it into a fly though, good thinking! Marc
  10. Though he was a gear angler, this could happento anyone. RIP and condolences to his family and friends. marc http://bassfederation.com/news/rogue-lightning-strike-claims-a-life-of-tbf-florida-member/
  11. If your in western canada, malcolm ruddick is the man. he dyes it better than anyone and will not divulge his secret. last I heard he and his wife were in the kamloops area.if his wife kathy is about, have a chat. the lady is one of the premier flyfishers in the world. marc
  12. very nice kirk! when is coming north. sadly, we cannot touch the bass here in Ontario until the last saturday of next month. marc
  13. I am a lefty but tie right handed. same as fishing. I learned on a right hand reel. marc
  14. I have had the total opposite. one year when I was fishing in the chicotin area of british columbia and I was looking for some trail access. a local rancher stopped and asked me if I wanted access to the river. he gave me access to several miles of the Blackwater river which is BCs only rated bluewater trout stream. I was the only one there. all he asked was that I close the gate when I left. as to the clown with his sprinklers, he should be charged. marc
  15. Ahh honey I bought some new tying material today. problem is I had to bring the stand the material was on home so it stayed straight. hope your not mad LOL
  16. They typically inhabit lakes in the 5000ft elevation or higher. be prepared to do some hiking. alpine lakes which typically have a short season of being open june to maybe mid october. a 4-5 yr old fish may only be 10 inches. marc
  17. Are bass not hardwired to simply eat whatever is in front of them? marc
  18. My best bargain strung marabou at a shop in vancouver called the douglas trading post. 2$ a bag which was about 5x the amount you get in a shop/ another bargain was a bunch of reindeer hair for pennies. marc
  19. Toirtis, I used the term incorrectly. dessication is the effect. my bad The cold has to be fiarly intense which is why they use cold rarely in pest management. heat is a different issue. cold generally just makes insects go dormant. however, freeing them makes for easy removal. I saw the results of a entomologist who froze 2 bedbugs for 22 months and they were moving in 2 hours. I digress though. I have known a couple of people who have tried this method with DE and had some success. I would only use a small amount to accomplish this as I do not know the effect on older materials. marc
  20. Having worked in pest management, cold will not kill many insects. All it will do is make them go dormant. Ask anyone who has had bedbugs and tried to freeze a mattress in bitter cold. Being from Canada, the only dichlorvous product that was available here was in what used to be called vapona strips which are now known as ortho max. That said, there are very very good reasons dichlorvous is restricted. firstly it is a fumigant and should never be used indoors as the stuff has been linked to cancer amongst others. It is considered a carcinogen. That said, if you go to a garden center and ask for diatemaceous earth-ground up seashells effectively. It is what is called a dessicant which to simplify it, is the equivalent of you and I sticking our hands into broken glass. It cuts up the insects outer shell, thus making them dry out and die. do not inhale the stuff and do the work outside. what I would suggest is put it all in ziplock baggies, put the materials in and then a small amount of the DE in and leave it for a good week. I have had good luck with it managing many things including carpenter ants. Failing that, dispose of it as it may not be saveable. Marc
  21. for those looking for a simple and effective frog: marc
  22. They also carry the pipe cleaners in some really interesting colour combinations. bought myself some packs to play with. here is another: http://douglastradingpostonline.com/ they are based in Vancouver BC. it is what they do not show on their website that is the best part. you can get strung marabou by the bagful. the colour range is limited but when I was there last I bought alot of marabou for 2$ The same amount gets put into packs and sold for well over double the cost in the flyshops.. several years worth o be exact. works like a charm. purple.black, green. different cloured pheasant tails, beads, goos quality chicken hackles. I would email them and ask them if they have what you want first plus the cost. I got some reindeer patches there once too that were cutaways from the plush dog factories. these were all tanned pieces. great stuff for spinning and since it is softer than regular deer, far easier to work with. The store is very popular with fly tiers in the lower mainland too. marc
  23. I do agree-simple but deadly. marc
  24. I only wish my deer hair spinning was as good. nicely done. simple too. Marc
  25. excellent! I used a purple bugger as my go to fly for trout and it never failed me. problem was trying to find that exact purple was a bugger. I think I finally found it again in a craft shop as a feather boa-seriously. I would find the 6-10 patterns you use the most and tie those up. be prepared though, either the hit will be subtle or take your arm off. I have had good success for trout right at dusk or after marcwith a bugger on a floating line and no weight on it. the tactic works real well when they are targeting big caddis in late June. a friend caught a 10pd brown at night doing this. Marc
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