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  1. I wouldn't mind throwing them at some pike w/ a 9wt! HA HA HA!!! NEVER!!! Great work Bud - beautiful flies!
  2. Hey there Pb. Welcome! I've never fished for carp, but it's on my list! Not many around where I live - Eagle County (I'd have to poach some golf coarse ponds after dark!). I've heard there's really good carp fishing down your way, the Front Range I assume. I'd love to catch up with you someday and throw some liine and trade secret flies! mpp
  3. That is a great fly. I too saw the article in AA on Kelly Galloup - he is a genius! And so are you D5 for tying it w/out a recipe. Well done! Here's a question re: the trailing hook attachment - do you make your loop so that it perpendicluar to the hook bend, or parallel? I've been playing w/ tandems lately, and I like to tie the loop flat, not vertical, and twist the eye of the trailing hook so it is vertical. I think this gives a better side-to-side swimming action. Any thoughts? Cheers. mpp
  4. Hey Fella's! Mostly I use Dr Slick's razor scissors - the longer ones. I've got a couple pair of the shorter ones, but the tips are not nearly as thin and pointy as the longer ones. I tried filing one pair to make the tips pointeir, but i roally messed them up! Ooopps.... I've been trying to not put the scisoors down so much and keep them in my hand, but the longer razor scissors get in the way. I've started flipping them to the outside of my palm, but again the long ones are too big to do it comfortably and safely. Soooo... I may be in the market for a new pair of tying scisssors. I like longer-ish blades to cut hair and wire down towards the joint, and very fine tips for trimming. What's you favorite? Cheers guys! mpp
  5. Hi guys. My name is Michael. I haunt the rodbuilding forum quite a bit, but relatively new here. I've been tying since I was a kid, with a LONG hiatus until about 3 years agao. I've been using zap-a-gap for finiahing heads. I've been told it's the same as super-glue or krazy-glue. It's all CA I guess. I've heard you can buy big bottles of it craft stores. Some of the rodbuilding dudes use it as a finish on reel seats, so it's available in larger quantities than the silly little tubes. Putting it in a applicator bottle seems like a good idea to me. I'd be very carful that the top is really tight, as CA is thinner than most cements and may run out if not tightened completely. I have a 1 oz bottle I had tipped over on my desk that I didn't realize for a couple days, and it leaked out and fused the label to my desk - now I have a big CA spill and the back side of the bottle label stuck on my desk forever! DAMN!!! :wallbash: Trying to peel it off will just take the cheap veneer off. I started putting it on the thread before I whip finish. Great for small flies. For parachutes I use a needle-type applicator, but I htink I'm gonna get a new applicator bottle and fill it w/ CA and see hwo it goes. Great thread! mpp
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