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  1. wet fly for trout https://youtu.be/PyN8YdePHjY
  2. Wolf

    Fish Pictures

  3. jig streamer https://youtu.be/NrkURcs1X1A
  4. Fly tying Pheasant Tail Nymph https://youtu.be/rZVmm4RoNPE
  5. Wolf

    pike fly fishing

    Pike fly fishing
  6. SBS perch streamer https://youtu.be/1qFcYrm7uZA
  7. fly tying shrimp https://youtu.be/3_JnDMuYEi0
  8. Fly tying streamer https://youtu.be/p_uELnZmChs
  9. a seven-day trip with fly fishing https://youtu.be/zNNrTiyoXDs
  10. Tying dry fly "Irresistible grizzly" https://youtu.be/Z-3CdhcDZH8
  11. happy new year. Finished making a channel trailer. I hope you enjoy it. https://youtu.be/vVjqoJ95fZI
  12. Wolf

    Open season 2015

    Very happy for all the good words, I will continue to try to please you with its video.
  13. thank you very much for your kind words)) next year will be an interesting video too. Happy new year)))
  14. Before the new year, a bit tensed and took another step by step. This year is the latest step by step. Most likely next year will be step by step in another format, however, and such Express Step will be too. Happy new year. All good, big fish, good fly tying and good mood. https://youtu.be/WVOwG9Ajrdo
  15. Wolf

    Open season 2015

  16. https://youtu.be/HB0vnSlZlZM
  17. Congratulations with victory day. Pleasant viewing! https://youtu.be/vsAGMi4BH-A
  18. Here is my new video. Hope you enjoy it.
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