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  1. Terrestrials, Bergman Wets, Classic Salmon
  2. Depends. If I'm in the mood for great tunes, Verdi does the trick. Wagner or Mahler if I need something heavier. Otherwise, Coltrane, Parker or Miles Davis will fit the bill.
  3. That beast will give nightmares!!
  4. Hello everyone, My son has a job working at a wildlife preserve, and one of his responsibilities is to comb the emu. The bird loves to be preened, so I will have a lifetime supply of feathers by the end of the summer! Has anyone ever used these unusual feathers? If so, I would love to hear about patterns that use this material. Thanks Don
  5. Amazing - absolutely jaw dropping! Every time I seem to think I've seen it all, another fly shows up that simply blows me away. Hats off to your artistry!!
  6. Traditional bebop jazz Contemporary classical music anything by Verdi or Wagner
  7. I hope you enjoy this attempt at a realistic spider. It is made with deer hair, porcupine quills, and masonry brush fibers.
  8. Great flies Andres! Please give us a heads up when your book is published. I know many of us will want to be first in line!
  9. I love tips like this. It simplifies what could be a frustrating step. Thanks!
  10. Classics established the tradition. Through years and years of experimentation, classics evolved to what they are today. The founders of the great patterns didn't follow the rules, their great patterns helped establish the rules that we either abide by, or use as a springboard to experiment in new ways. Such as in music. Bach didn't follow a set of rules when he wrote his fugues, he built upon the tradition set before him and set the standards to this day, basically by writing better fugues than anyone before him. Same thing for Beethoven, John Coltrane, and Miles Davis. They built upon a tradition and expanded in new ways that became standard. So, in essence, both sides are necessary or the art will die. Tradition has to be acknowledged and practiced, but new directions must always be pursued by going freestyle. That is true in all art forms, you must be able to paint a bowl of fruit before you can go abstract. Enough, I'm in the middle of an Orange Highlander, then I have to practice for a gig tomorrow.
  11. Unbelievable! I'm going to have trouble sleeping tonight after seeing those choppers!
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