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  1. I'm the same as letumgo. I don't know how many spools of black 6/0, bundles of pearl krystal flash, and size 12 dry fly hooks I have because I couldn't remember if I was out or not. And turkey biots...they always look like different shades of BWO in the shop, so I've just gotta get it. Get 'em home & you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.



    MTtyer, those blue zonker strips make very effective crayfish claws on olivish 'dad patterns.

  2. I just give the wire a wiggle & a snap. Metal fatigue is sometimes a good thing. I don't have to stop & pick up another tool to trim the excess. But I have to agree you can't beat a pair of .99 cent clippers to do the dirty work.

  3. Ya know, where I'm from when a man apologizes you accept the apology, shake his hand and move on. The comments by a couple of people after Night Fish apologized show me who the better man is.


    Where's the mod who said "threats" don't belong here? I'd say that threats of violence are worse than legal action.

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