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  1. Hello everybody, A new may fly with the 60 mm nikkor jp
  2. Thanks for yours comments. At Slowpoke the D7000 is not a full frame, it is the D700. A little bit expensive for me.
  3. Hello everybody, A try with my new camera. Great camera I advise. jp
  4. base home made ( 100% steel , 3.6 kg) for barracuda
  5. Very good flies for fishing in France size 8 or 10
  6. thank you very much for the links.
  7. There is a distributor in France for 15 years. I was responsible for the distribution of the products whiting farms during 12 or 13 years. The deliveries were good as well as the sales. But one year they changed the name of Hoffman by whiting farms and to change the graduation. The sales crumbled. My company was delocalized and the distributor changed. It assure me that the deliveries are very difficult, in all Europe. I seek the leon saddles which is products extraordinary to tie may flies but it is impossible to find in Europe. The hebert necks are for me most beautiful, of an extraordinary quality. I regret much more being able to find these products. You can make a turn in the farm whiting farms here: http://www.jpdessaigne.com/Galerie_photos/...yagewhiting.htm
  8. A parachute fly tied with whiting farms hackle. I would like to know so in the USA you have same the problems to find necks and saddles of whiting farms. I contacted the distributor in France and it has many difficulties to have these products. have you information on this problem?
  9. You can see more pictures here http://www.jpdessaigne.com/Galerie_photos/flyem1/index.html http://www.jpdessaigne.com/Galerie_photos/flyem1/index.html http://www.jpdessaigne.com/Galerie_photos/divers2/21.jpg http://www.jpdessaigne.com/Galerie_photos/divers2/divers.htm go in bottom of the page
  10. My fly of this weekend. You can see the tying here: http://www.jpdessaigne.com/Lesnymphes/blondine/blondine1.htm
  11. Hello you can find some interesting informations here: For the patterns of Deavux flies: http://www.ardent-peche.com/v3/categ.php?arg=4,219,241, Or for the tying http://www.jpdessaigne.com/Lesmouchesseche...ntageavance.htm jp
  12. thank you letumgo, the good address is : http://www.jpdessaigne.com jp
  13. Hi, On my website I show a great technique to tie CDC wing. Http://www.jpdessaigne.com Clic on the Picolo Fly JP
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