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  1. My ebay name is robt3708 and it's about time I actually bid on something. It's nice to know everyone's on the forum as I'd only have guessed a couple of them. Bob
  2. Ronn is being extremely modest. I highly recommend his carefully prepared tutorials, and you can't argue about the price or convenience. :thumbup: The link is in his signature above. Bob
  3. Boy, that's a deal Bud! I've got to get on the ball and start preparing now: 299 flies to go, 298 ... something reminds me of a tune. Bob
  4. So my copy finally arrived today -- don't know why it took so much longer than Ronn's as we're only about 20 miles apart :dunno: I guess the post office knows who is important. Anyway, WOW, I agree with everyone else's praise -- and to think that I actually KNOW some of these guys thanks to the Oregon event :yahoo: Great job, all. Bob
  5. A delightful fly, Mike, and a very fitting one for John. It was a pleasure to meet him Saturday and join the long list of those benefiting from a helpful little lesson or two. Bob
  6. Yep, I've got a keg of refreshment ready to go. This time it's a porter, which I've learned is our host's favorite, so I hope he likes it half a much as I love that sausage he and his son make :headbang: We just returned from a trip to "joisey" to visit the son and daughter-in-law, so I'm a bit behind on this thread. We had a great visit, but I think we'll be staying in this part of the country a bit longer -- gotta hang around Ronn, Royce, Mike and all until I get a whole lot better at this tying bit :wallbash:
  7. I completed these a few weeks ago and e-mailed them to the mentors but neglected to post them to the forum. The T&L was a struggle (what's new?) so I set it aside for a few weeks, which made it rather late. The hackle and throat on the OP are too long, so this one is next on my list to redo.
  8. The topping seemed fine at the time, but obviously it's too long. At least the eye is intact.
  9. I like the photo, too -- very nice lighting.
  10. Great suggestions, thanks all. CSS truly is a learning experience!
  11. One of the CSS mentors mentioned that he uses cautery to shape the head, so when I crowded the eye a bit on my SD I decided now is the time to try it. I can honestly report that it works in a flash :crying:
  12. This is my second attempt, taking advantage of Mr. Vestal's tips this time. The head is a bit longer than I wanted, but the body turned out somewhat nicer and the wing held together.
  13. Bryan: see the pinned topic in this forum including Royce's comment for a link. I'll be on my way to Ronn's shortly.
  14. Very nice, Mike! Your eyes must still be plenty good -- wanna trade?
  15. It's amazing what Aaron accomplished in a surprisingly short period while also explaining exactly why he was doing certain things. I learned a great deal that will help my own tying in a vise. Thanks again for a great demo, Aaron, and to Ronn for hosting it. I'm looking forward to being able to review the session online later. Bob
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