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  1. Just looking for some images on Google I found one that was from here and clicked on site, then when it opened I tried database and it didn't work, but then I clicked on search and was in. Here is a link to that page..... http://www.flytyingforum.com/pattern11829.html Also may be a bit harsh to blame anyone, but for me I use the database a good bit!
  2. I really can't believe this site with so much to offer can't fix this issue and has to be just lack of want to! What a shame and someone should step up, like the owner of the site and give the job to someone that wants it! It sure is not getting done now! Also can't believe they left the site for only 2 guys to keep running!
  3. I don't know. I called the companies I used their products in back 10 years ago and UV was not really a hot topic then. I guess it would be best to talk to the companies the products come from to see if they are compatible or not. I spoke to the CEO of Softex several times asking questions back then, but never got into any other top coat. I have to also wonder though if it would really make any difference. I mean fish see UV colors and we don't, all we can see is what they look like under a black light or a UV light. I would also think when glowing the UV part shouldn't really matter, but that is just a guess on my part. I do know this stuff was tested with fish that have teeth and even sharks so is one reason I used it, plus is stays clear as all get out!
  4. Enjoy! How to make Glow Jigs and Flies..... Materials needed.... Softex Maybe even more than one? (You should check prices all over for this) Wooden Skewers (I am still using the first skewers I started with and just wipe them off after each use) Clear Powder Paint Glow Powder (Best quality you can find) White Ultra chenille (maybe more than one size) Starting out you may need a few extra glass jars to keep this all in. Basic steps..... Paint head Tie Jig Just like any other jig you would tie except use the Ultra Chenille! Of course depending on the size of what your tying select the best size of Ultra Chenille that you can. Unless your tying really tiny jigs or flies you may not need the micro size chenille. Okay first the glow head. You will need some Clear Powder Paint and some Glow Powder. Mix 18% at most of the Glow Powder to the Clear Powder Paint. Once painted I do cure it just like any other jig head. Then after that is done I do add one coat of Sally Henson?s Hard as Nails over that to make it feel more smooth because the Glow Powder makes it feel rough. Next you will need Softex and mix in enough Glow Powder that it?s no longer clear. I don?t have a % to tell you and I just do this by feel and sight. I use a wooden skewer like your wife may use in the kitchen and I use the pointed end to apply the mix to the chenille tied on the jig. As you turn the jig around you can put the mix on and smooth it out (put on a bit thick as some will soak in) and once your happy with it, hang on something until dry enough to handle easy. Then after it?s dry or at least done enough, get some Clear Softex and again use the skewer to put a coat on over the previous mix coat. This final coat will make it feel smooth where before that it feels pretty rough. Also a note, if your using new Softex it may take 2 coats of the clear over the body to make really smooth with drying between coats. However after a while and you have a jar of thicker stuff it will do well with just one coat. Note: Softex is not a friendly product so make sure to use caution and well ventilated area. Here is where I buy my Glow Powder or did when I was still buying it. Now I have plenty, probably too much, LOL! There are other places but I say buy at your own risk on that! Sometimes you can catch it on sale and that is when you want to load up on a nice size package. Also they seem to come out with what is suppose to be a new Green that is brighter, I have several different ones and really can?t tell much difference so just use what you have before buying more and I feel sure they have made some since I bought any. http://glowinc.com/glowinc.com/ and for the page you really want at this site... http://glowinc.com/SearchResult.aspx?CategoryID=3 Now some Pics. This is the jig tied and also showing my largest Ultra Chenille. The chenille can also be used to make it glow and maybe even use it for an extended tail. Here I have added the mixed Glow to the body and has dried. Here I have added the thick clear top coat and it's still wet. Here the Clear top coat has dried and it's finished. Here is the mixed Glow Powder and Softex and what it looks like when I use it. Here is the mixed stuff Glowing Here is my thick Softex which is what it gets to over time using it and it can be used in lots of ways other than Glow Baits. Here it is in new condition and thin and also lots of ways to use this as is! Here is a 4 Oz pack of Glow Powder. Last here is one of my wooden skewers I use.
  5. tidewater I pretty much agree with you on everything, but I like night fishing a lot, but really need used my glow stuff I guess because we use a really bright green light in the water. Spring I mainly use 1/32 oz Roadrunners for my crappie so don't use glow then either and for me more of a summer thing when fishing in water over 20' deep and down maybe 12' to 18'. I will post how I make my glow baits on a separate thread to keep it clean.
  6. I really am not sure of that, but I didn't see much interest here, but if interest shows up I will post how I do this including all materials. Also the fly I posted was one I did 10 years ago in my first year tying.
  7. I have just used them on crappie and just in the jig form. One of the first fish I caught on a glow jig I made was 17" crappie. I know they work and have had a lot of guys tell me how they do on any type of a glow bait. Some just a glow head and their catch is up by a lot. I don't know what flies would work on what fish though. I hear that Walleye should love them and fish with teeth is not a problem for this body. Here is that fish just before the cleaning table. Thankfully I have lost about 50 pounds since this picture, LOL!
  8. I have been making glow jigs and flies for about 10 years and have decided to shaw this if there is interest. I am already sharing this with a bunch of jig tiers, but want to see if any of you wan to know. See pictures below....Also these pictures were taken just by holding the glowing bait under my tying table without turning out the overhead light. Some 1/32 Oz jigs... And a fly I tied years back, just for ideas. Not Glowing... Glowing...
  9. Okay thank you! I will always give credit where it should be. I dreamed it up, but just figured someone had done it before and I just didn't know. I appreciate the reply! Skip
  10. Wow no one has any info from me? I feel pretty sure I have not invented anything!
  11. I tied some flies for a customer the other day and one I came up with is this one pictured, but have no idea what it should be called and would love to have a name for it and I suspect it's been done before so hope someone here can add it's name. It's tied on a #12 Daiichi I think it was #1167. I used Lateral scale with UV Glue over for the body and some soft hackle Coq De Leon Laced hackle for the collar which I also got into the glue before curing it. It was a different step for that part. Also the tail is Chickabou from the same skin. Skip
  12. That's pretty cool fly! If it works anything like a senko it's gonna be good! Skip
  13. Oh that is very different then, Thanks for clearing that up. Skip
  14. Thanks Mike P. that stuff looks really nice. Danville has some Nylon Stretch that looks interesting and I have some samples of it and just have not tried it yet. They have a good list of colors too, but don't think near as many as the ones your showing. They only have 15 colors, but more of them than not are Fluorescent at least. I look at them first since I have an account with them so get their products at a good price, but may want to see about the stuff you show here as it looks really nice. Other Mike that is a great price for that much of most anything for tying! Both of you guys links show some great colors too. Thanks again, Skip
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