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  1. Have you ever tried that micro-tubing stuff? It might decrease the bulk of the body and increase the gap between hook and body just a little. I still love this fly - I added it to my blog - brandon722.blogspot.com
  2. This is a very informative site: FlyArtStudio.com
  3. I've used it. It never broke on me, but it does fray easily. Other than that, I didn't see any added incentive for the extra $3 a spool. I can see using it on deer hair where you need a ton of pressure. I never spun deer hair and used the gel spun thread.
  4. Fly Tying magazine had some great bonefish patterns last issue - check out this link. Very easy to tie and killers! Fly Tying Mag
  5. That is one of the best shrimp patterns I've seen tied. I bet it would look great with a pink latex coat instead of the clear - or maybe light pink dubbing. So many options and so real looking. What size is that fly? It might be difficult to tie in size 22 or 24 for the fish here in CO.
  6. Looks a lot like a meat whistle to me
  7. Ever buy Dai Riki hooks in those plastic snap together boxes? Well, drill a hole in the top of them and they are the perfect size for a bag full of dubbing.
  8. If you like something like this: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...E:IT&ih=019 I can probably help you out. Brandon
  9. Togen Enterprises is located in canada. Great stuff, at discounted prices. They also have an eBay store. http://www.togenenterprises.com/home.html
  10. That is a beautiful fly - great detail. Flies like this are great looking and you just know they will catch fish.
  11. I have a bit of an "in" with a Dai Riki reseller - I just bought 1350 hooks from him and he quoted me 7.4 cents per hook. PM me if you want his contact info. He is a prominent eBay seller with a great feedback rating.
  12. Well - I got them in the mail on Wednesday - a whole bunch of them. If anyone needs a few (they are still cheaper than buying them at the fly shop), please let me know - I can break up the huge lot I got. They come in packs of 5 and they are black.
  13. I'd be interested as well - I was just about to buy 700 Dai Riki hooks - so if that is the brand you are buying, please let me know.
  14. I went to the store near my work on Tuesday and they had none. The manager checked the stock in the other stores and it was pretty limited. Some had 1, others had 3, one had 7 and one had 11. They are located on the end caps or in teh middle of the isle on display in the stores - so they definitely get high exposure. The part # is 171108 (I believe) - if you call, they can check the stock at your local store (or surrounding stores) for you.
  15. Agreed - but you can get them from your local electrical supplier (if you have one locally) for a lot less. I got them in singles and all black for about $1 each.
  16. just an update - I found them at a local electronics store - they aren't Pomona quality, but they should do the trick. Thanks everyone for your help!
  17. ok Radio Shack has them - but they only come in 2 packs. Anyone know any other electric store that might have these?
  18. I'm going to call a Radio Shack now...I think I read somewhere that they don't carry these anymore.
  19. Yes, I have done this and contacted all of the resellers - but none of them have them in stock, if they do they charge a $10 handling fee, you need to order $100 worth, and sometimes there is a huge delay. I have a couple of bags on order - but the shipping is stupid - since they will only ship UPS and they in general overcharge. I was wondering if anyone knows of a store that has these where I can go locally? I tried Lowes and Home Depot - and even the local electric supply stores - but they have them in stock on the other side of the country. Hell, my brother works for an electrical supply store and he can't even get them!
  20. A minigrabber is one of those things that fly tying demos use to display their flies - basically it is about 3 inches long, and has a thumb push spring that pushes out a small wire hook that you can use to hook the fly hook and hold it straight. You have seen these things in fly shops and fly tying demos and they stand up on wooden fly tying "cakes" as displays. Does anyone know where I can get these in bulk? They are made by Pomona (maybe someone else makes them??) and they are sold in packs of 10 (part #3925-0), but these can be very very pricey if bought separately. Any help would be appreciated. Here is a pic:
  21. I just bought one of these at Lowe's (for $67) after seeing this thread. It is a steal even at the higher price because it is very good quality and the dark redish color is very "majestic" looking. The drawers are no overly deep - you can't put anything in them that is over an inch or so high. The top "drawer" which is actually a lid that folds up and down is about 2.5 inches deep - so you can get a lot more in there. I wouldn't put any bottles of glue in there though as I'd be afraid they would leak and would ruin the box/felt lining. I managed to fit all my junk in the drawers and had one long drawer that I used for all my threads/wires/tools. I managed to get everything else off my bench except a trash bin and I put my one bottle of glue next to the drawers. This was a great buy and thanks for helping me organize!
  22. Hey rawfish - I own that vise (I have for 4 years now) and I love it. I am thinking about getting another vise because they are so cheap - and you never know when they will stop distributing them. Again, you can go with the DanVise, or whatever, but you won't beat that price. Brandon www.rockymtnfly.com
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