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  1. I have a foam hopper pattern that calls out for pheasant tail barb legs that are knotted to form a joint in the legs. I am having trouble doing this. I'm finding it difficult to tie the knot around the barbs and the barbs do not take a sharp bend like a bug leg should. Does anyone have tips on how to do this? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, I happened to stumble across this site today while looking for some advice on fly tying. Just started tying oh maybe a couple months ago, and like everything else about fly fishing, I got addicted. Looking around I see some familiar handles from Michigan Sportsman.com so I feel somewhat at home already. I live in Ann Arbor, MI and fish mostly for smallmouth on the Huron River. Being a family man with two little ones at home I don't have as much time as I would like to get up north for trout fishing but the Huron is a pretty nice river all the same. I look forward to visiting the site. Hooknem (Mike)
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