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  1. Carp are the fresh water bonefish. On a fly I have caught 28" bows on a dry fly in WYO, 11 lbs bucketmouths in KS, but nothing but a carp has taken me into my backing 2-3 times. Broken hooks, broken leaders... Gimmee those golden fresh water bones anyday! When you want to catch them they are as finicky and skitish as any trout. Zug bugs with big "wet" fly collars, cottonwood seed imitations, small crayfish. Now that I am in Arkansas it seems to be tough to find them. KS was the best for sand pits, ponds and lakes with the golden bones
  2. Last Thanksgiving, I floated a river with a Frenchman. Only advice I can offer is - Make sure that your canoeing partner knows that when you start yelling "LEFT! LEFT! GO LEFT!" like a madman that he knows you want him to direct the boat LEFT and NOT row on the Left side." Other than than, I love the red bandanna backpack shown above.
  3. You touched the water with your left foot first didn't you? Always, always dip your right toe into the water then the left! A lesson that I learned a loooooong time ago... But I am not superstitious unless Stevie is playin.
  4. Don't recognize the vise, but I say enjoy it.
  5. I would defer to the rod builders, but I think everybody has multiple casting styles. Depends on what you are throwing, how far, how hard the wind is blowing, etc. back in the early 90's I had a Sage 4 piece 4 wt. Hated it. Would have been a great 6 wt rod, but I didnt want a 6wt. One of my favorites was the 8'6" 4 wt Sage LL for lazy days and the XP was definitley a winner. My all around favorite rod is an old T&T HS 9' 6wt. For Bass, Phil Castleman used to sell a 3 piece 9'6" 8 wt (use a 9wt line) that is a winner. Great rod for $120. Love the Orvis far and fine series for a short rod. For me it depends on what you want. If you want a good all around rod you need to cast several different types to see what you prefer. Fast, med-fast, medium, slow. Or you could be looking for a specific style or species = Bass, steelhead, saltwater, bass. I have to contact Steve. I have been jonesing for one of the 5 piece winston's every since casting one the first year they came out. Just can't get myself to pull the trigger with that high $$ price tag. Enjoy your search! Del
  6. Great for scuds as well. Mono base, lead (sub) wraps for weight, tie in your favorite shell back, dub and then pull shell back down and use mono for ribbing and tie off.
  7. Heron also makes for great legs on these.
  8. Jute is a good thing. You can buy a softball size roll of it at any hardware store for 1.99. It can be used on smaller flies if you dub it (spin) on the thread.
  9. Nothing great this year, but about 10 years ago my wife called Phil Castleman and bought a Chatterer skin for me. He sent her two skins and told her to send back the one that I didn't want. Good wives are hard to come [email protected]!
  10. I did try google... No go. It was 2 or 3 diff colors of marabou and then woven or braided. I just can't find it now!~~~ I figured if anyone, it would be someone here that either wrote it or is familiar with it. Thanks.
  11. I saw a pattern tutorial somewhere not long ago... it used diff colored marabou and was woven. I believe it was a damsel or dragon nymph. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Can you point me to it? Thanks Jim2flies
  12. More than likely the material is packaged as "the Kelson Collection" and not actual materials from George. I have several packages myself. They have been around for years and may have, at one time, had George's stuff, but... Nonetheless, they are good materials geared towards the tier and not the collector. Hope this helps. Jimbo
  13. Yup... I actually spent the weekend with Igor Sikorsky III at lake Munsungen in Northern Maine in 1999 or 2000. Bradford Camps. The II was there as well. It was an avaiation weekend. Me and my boss, the VP of Customer service Bombardier/Learjet, went up there to bask in the tales of history from the horses mouth. Actually rode in on a 172 floatplane. One highlight was the Caravan on floats. Got to see and hear the family history first hand. Igor III said it was such a success that he was going to do it annually. Been doin the aircraft thing for almost 18 years now. Met lotsa fly fishing folk from around the world. They go hand in hand.
  14. Actually that is my boeing fly. the Lear fly has a T tail and quills for the engines. The tail is two feathers back to back and bent. The RH vertical is folde to make up the LH horizontal.
  15. Here are a couple. A friend (non fly tier or fisher) and I came up with this fly 5 yrs ago in a meeting at Learjet. I happened to have some feathers in my daytimer and everyone was late. I did a T tail (learjet style) also out of Mallard wings. Pretty cool when someone that has no idea on fly tying or has never done it helps you in a creative way. His name is R. Puetz, pronounced "Pitts." So... the fly is aptly named the Puetz Special. Merry Christmas to all you thread winders and hackle dunkers. 2Flies
  16. Sorry Smallie. Not trying to spam here or put Bass flies in this section. Didn't think they fit anywhere elese and my point was not to generate sales. Some of these flies are 6+ years old and I just wanted to share with the board. I really got into comics and Ed Big Daddy Roth as a youngin. I try to approach fly tying from the same perspective. Feathers - Contact me via email. Jim2Flies
  17. Yep on both counts Mnt Home FFF conclave is fun. Love the people and the area. Took a few years off and this was my first year back tying there. THe shop in Wichita is Ark River Anglers. One of the best stocked tying shops in any area. Song Bin is the man there. The clown fly and others are at the fly shop. It is really hard to get a good pic of that as there are sooo many dimensions to it. I personnally like the flower comin out of his head. It is on a 100 + year old streamer hook. Several Jungle Cock and Indian crow , silk and two resplendent quetzal feathers for the leaves. This is a 6 year old fly on a Ron Reinhold 4 1/4" hook. Off to work, later all. 2flies
  18. Thanks . Just spun and stacked deer hair on a plain ol Carrie Stevens 2/0. I had started thing1 and 2 but gave up to time. Same with the Nemo, started doing the cast out of hair and just didn't have the time to do it. I did do a Martin guitar and my wife's lips (after they put on lipstick they always "dab" on a piece of paper). 2Flies
  19. Helloooooooooo. Been a while, new job, no time, etc. Thought I would post some flies with the contest deadline looming. Earlier in the year I was doing some hair classes and tried to tie some inspiration. This one is made out of elk hair. No markers.
  20. Streamside Your flies are KILLER! I love the nymphs. Woo Hoo I finally figured out how to do my avatar! Also fixed my posting probs I believe. Keep tying Jim2Flies
  21. I just looked at my post... I don't understand it! I just wanted to say thanks for donating. Most vendors won't do this. Once they get soooo big they forget about the lil guy. Generosity goes a long ways. Jim2flies
  22. Thanks to the forum for starting this and thanks to the sponsors! It is a mutual relationship between vendors and end users that so often is lost in big business. Without the vendors what would we use? Without us who would use their products. I for one will check out the sponsors first when shopping for equipment. Kudos to all involved 2FLies soon to be 3flies again.
  23. Hey Smallie Sorry... It is a creative display piece that I tied several years ago. I believe in 2000 or 01. The fly is over 6 inches long and 3 inches tall. I can just imagine what the leader & tippet would look like after one cast... That year I probably tied 20 "impressionistic" patterns - Paul S. was looking for some crazy style of flies to start his new journal. I think they ended up being too far out there for him as the only ones he used were the Ranger series of patterns. DFix - Didn't mean to hi-jack yer thread. I really like the Hex. An inspirational bug if there ever was one.
  24. Irish Dave - Looking forward to meeting you. I should be easy to find. Shouldn't be too many tying classic salmon flies other than Judy (and she will have a booth). Just look for the clown! Jarrod. My problem is selecting where to go as I am limited to a few hrs in the morning and after 7 PM. Except for Thursday (30th). I will be at the Mountain Home Motel. Other than that I will be at the conclave the whole weekend. Take care
  25. The Hex is one of the neatest Mayflies of all. I forgot to ad - That hook is one of Ron Reinhold's low water dee hooks. 3++ inches long
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