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  1. Thanks everyone super ideas and I will try them except for cutting a hole in the desk sorry that would really get me in trouble.
  2. Hi, need a trim bag and being thrifty I do not want to spend much, anybody got any ideas for inexpensive options, thanks. :help:
  3. Wonderful technique.
  4. Very nice well done will try it myself, thanks. :headbang:
  5. Just google fly tying you will get more than you can keep up with, and just start here :dunno: .
  6. Fly tying class starts Saturday :baby: hope my first fly looks that good weel done keep up the great work :headbang: .
  7. Congrats too all :headbang: by the way what does the winner get. :ripped: :j_k:
  8. You need to have posted at least 40 times :wallbash:, those are the rules I got caught too :crying: :dunno: :ripped: .
  9. I also went with Danvise, the quality cannot be beat for the price. But whatever you choose I hope you get many years of happy tying :yahoo: .
  10. timenet

    Super Bowl

    No could not care less. :bs:
  11. Hi just got a list from fellow member Alex C. great to get you started. :dunno: Hooks 3XL Streamer Hooks in sizes 2-4-6-8-10(use these for your hoppers too) Mustad 3906(nymph hook) sizes 10-12-14-16 Mustad 94840 in sizes 10-12-14-16-18 TMC 200 in sizes 10-12-14-16 Hackle(check out keough tyers grade or whiting silver grade saddles) Grizzly Cream Brown Black You can get more colors but hackle isn't cheap for the most part. These 4 will get you by Feathers Pair of mottled Turkey Quills Wood Duck Flank(Mallard dyed Wood Duck is a good substitute) Brown, Black, Yellow, Olive, White Marabou Pheasant Tail Peacock Herl Hair Natural, Black, Olive, Yellow, Deer Body Hair White, Chartreuse Buck Tail White Calf Tail Synthetics/Others White Poly Yarn Brown Antron Yarn Medium Dumbell Eyes Medium and Large Gold and/or Silver Bead Heads Red Yarn Black, Brown, White, Olive Chenille Gray, Olive, Cream Black, Brown, Caddis Green Coarse Dubbing Same Colors in a fine Dubbing
  12. What may I ask is the Davy Wotton SLF fiber :help: does it sink float?
  13. I'm not quite 16 :hyst: but I am a :baby: at Fly tying, how would the swap work please let me know :help:
  14. I second that proposal. :headbang:
  15. I was looking into getting a Griffin at one time and found that the sponsor J.Stockard actually had the best price :coffee:
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