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  1. I'm in, do mono eyes count if so I'll tie some damsel nymphs that my husband has been bugging me to teach me how to tie if not I will tie a headstand with bead chain eyes. Megs
  2. That just about made me gag.... Anyway. I'm usually drinking a pepsi or a glass of tea....but if I'm really drinkin it's either a bloody mary or a glass of merlot....helps to not shake so much for me....but then again if I keep on hitting the bloody mary I get the giggles...wich doesn't help the matters of not shaking! :hyst: :hyst:
  3. Steve has taken the boys for a day and a half outing. So I'll sit down and tie mine tomorrow hopefully. I'll have to look at what he's tied in the past and see if I can't come up with something cool and fairly easy since he won't be sitting there helping me.
  4. a 6 year old doing well with the whip finisher...I don't even do that well with the darn thing! :wallbash:
  5. I think it is a great idea. I know steve and I's 4 year old is already interested in tying, he plays around on the vice every now and then. I would love to see how many kids are really interested in tying, and fishing. And to second everyone else I think it will help keep their interest alive and not fizzle out in the long run. The sport of fishing is such a great bonding tool for parents and children, why not add a little more wood to the fire?
  6. I'm in. still in the newbie catagory. I don't know what I will be tying yet but hopefully it will be halfway decent.
  7. Were getting so close!!! I can't wait to get the flies!!! YIPPEE! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  8. Is this swap officially open? I would love to get in on this one. I have only been tying for about 2 1/2 months hardcore, but not very good yet, I would love to get some more decent practice in with some informational feedback on my flies from someone other than my husband. Really looking forward to it, I'll check back again when everyone else has joined the living for the day. I think I'm gonna get some coffee.... :sleep1: :coffee: :coffee:
  9. That looks awsome, I am very jelous! Way to go. :clapping:
  10. Steve and I put ours in the mail the other day so you should be getting them soon....Thanks a lot :yahoo: :yahoo:
  11. I'm In, don't know what I'll have, but it'll be good I'm sure. :thumbsup: :thumbup: :kicking:
  12. :down: :down: :cry: :down: I must confess my abilities are not as good as I thought they were and the soft hackle crawfish's are kicking my but. So I'm going to switch over to a swamp monster if that is ok with you all. Sorry for the switch-a-roo.....but I'm still gonna kick steve's :butt: :hyst:
  13. Just waiting on the Quail to dry that I shot on Sunday so I can tie mine up then I'll get them done and in the mail asap.
  14. :flex: :flex: I personally will be wipeing Steve up with my very yummy soft hackle crayfish pattern. Cant wait to see him cry!
  15. You are so wrong by this. I challange you to a duel. You tye and I'll tye and we'll see who's flies are liked the best by the participants. What do you think guys? :boxing:
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