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  1. Thanks for the info. I just searched ebay and the scissors I tried did not look like shears.... so I probably had the ones for paper, Back to the dang craft store.
  2. Anyone ever try those round wheel type fabric cutters? I can remember what they're called but the 'blade' is round and you just roll it over the material. Also, those who have successfully used the zig-zag scissors, what brand of scissors do you have? I was thinking of the same thing a while back and couldn't get the scissors to cut the foam. I was only trying to cut 2mm foam.
  3. Baby food jar would be excellent. Short , wide mouthed jar, less likely to fall over if bumped, and a nice rubber type seal on lid.... Better get busy making another kid.... WOW, nevermind, I'll just go buy a jar and dump the food out, much less work. Great suggestion F-B-N, Thanks And just FYI... I have been looking for extra suitable jars for a week or so and the local Sportsmans Warehouse wants $3.29 just for the jar.... for the EMPTY JAR :bs:
  4. I too think you should get the best you can afford. I used to do that with fishing rods, buy a cheap one, then it would break... then buy another. After a few times of that I figured out that if I would have bought a good one, with a warranty, to begin with I would have spent a lot less money, and had a much better rod from the get go. :wallbash: Plus with better quality tools, its just one less thing to worry about. Less to worry about = more concentration but towards tying and the learning curve will be faster
  5. VERY COOL my dad has some old pictures of his fishing days as a kid in Minnesota... early 50's I am guessing. I keep trying to talk him into letting me have them, but he still says not yet.
  6. Cool looking fly. Whats the overall length of it? The lake I plan on fishing for Tiger Muskies this spring is LOADED with carp. I haven't tried to fly fish for them... but the carp sure are fun to bowhunt/fish for.
  7. "saddle hackle= longer, softer feathers from the part of the chicken you'd put a saddle on if you want to ride it." :bugeyes: You guys must have some big chickens down south. A big chicken up here is about 2 - 2.5 feet tall... must be the colder weather :hyst: Sorry couldn't resist
  8. Thanks for the heads up, I have been looking at getting this book or CD for a while... I will be getting the book now.
  9. I haven't tried it yet... still to much ice, I guess i could fill up the tub
  10. Well... heres the first fly I have tied without having someone, in person, show me first. I watched an internet video about tying this fly and gave it a shot. I tied it on a bass fishing worm hook I had laying around. Go ahead and pick it apart... thats how I'll learn. Dan
  11. I bought some Toluene today for $6.99 for one quart, tried Home Depot.... they didnt carry it, tried the paint supply houses, ie Sherman Williams and Columbia Coatings, and they had it but smallest container is one gallon for almost $16. Finally called around and found it at Ace Hardware. I should be set for a few years now
  12. Those look great to me... but then, I spun my first clump of hair today.
  13. Cool stuff. I am just starting to tie flies and its amazing how much stuff I have thrown away that I wish I had back now.
  14. I'd be interested in re-watching a Sunday show - if it wasn't full of people that missed the Wednesday evening show. One always seems to find stuff that was missed the first time around.
  15. Very Cool... think I'll have to try to tie one some day. The bass and tiger muskies would love that perch pattern around here.
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