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  1. shark Thank you so much for the SBS You make it look easy !!!!!!
  2. FlaFly I am sorry but I have nun left I sent them to the utter fellow to whom they were intended (sorry)
  3. sharkster Those are great Please do a SBS
  4. FlaFly The Nun fly was tied for a joke I have never fished it so you are correct nun fish caught on it !!!!!!!
  5. silvercreek that is exactly what the fellow I tied it for said !!!!!!!!!!! LOL
  6. ADD147 the first picture is a fly tied on a hook crackaig thanks for the comment ,I haven't tied any flies for awhile ,especially woven flies flytire that was what the subject was on the other forum ,the Nuns in school ,so I thought I would create The Nun Fly for that purpose LOL
  7. FlaFly You are correct ,never looked at it that way
  8. This is a Nun fly I tied up for a joke for a fellow on another forum
  9. A stint in the Navy Auto mechanic for 43 years Work part time delivering auto parts now
  10. Markbob I have the following books for sale if you are interested The Compleat Angler-Izaak Walton Where The Pools Are Bright And Deep-Dana Lamb PM me for prices if you are interested
  11. Thanks for all the comments JS they aren't that expensive to tie Hook-tying thread-embroidery thread-rubber legs -pinch of dubbing LOL
  12. Woven body panfish flies ready to be sent to my granddaughters boy friend
  13. Go to you tube and type in Cajun tickler ,this is the weave that I use I tried to paste the link here ,but it would not work
  14. Jolly red This fly is a floating variation of the Cajun tickler After I tie them ,I coat them with water shed ,and let them dry 147 I will get in touch with you next week
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