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  1. Nope. I believe it was a sinking cricket pattern.....maybe.
  2. The turkey tail was tied in like that in stages but all the way up the shank not just at the thorax and it had a set of rubber legs like a hopper. I can recreate a close approximation but want to see if I can locate the actual recipe.
  3. Looking for help identifying a nymph pattern featured in Fly Tyer a few years ago. I have misplaced the issue and am wanting the recipe for the fly. Unfortunately here is the conundrum, I can't remember the date of the issue or the name of the nymph and Google has not been my friend. I believe a photo of it was on the either the cover or the back, The fly was constructed with bead chain eyes, rubber legs, tan colored dubbing maybe hare's ear and then a wing case if you will of turkey tail that extended the entire length of the body. The tail was tied in in stages, all the way up the shank of the hook. You'd dub a bit, pull the tail over the dubbed part and tie off and then pull back, dub a bit more, more turkey tail over the top....etc. etc. Created a kind of a ridged back on the fly. If this sounds familiar to anyone or you recall what issue the fly was in I'd sure appreciate any info. And yes I have reached out to Fly Tyer with no luck thus far Thx. Darin
  4. anyone have any ideas or recommendations as to what to use to dye some bucktail i just received from a hunting buddy?
  5. 1. woolly bugger-any color 2. gold ribbed hare's ear (beadhead) 3. griffith's gnat 4. zebra midge
  6. just started tying soft hackles again and am having a hard time getting it right. any techniques to help with wrapping and tying off the hackle would be helpful. actually tying off is where i really seem to mess this up. do you tie off behind the soft hackle? if i try that i seem to wind thread amongst the hackle fibers and it looks like crap. if i don't, part of the hackle always seems to unwind and i am left with hackle just on the top. HELP!!!
  7. the ebay retailer is flytiersplus. already recevied some silver and they are great. have ordered some black and am waiting on them to arrive. fast shipping and his price is indeed about half retail. with shipping, 25 beads cost $4.50.
  8. got an orvis flyer in the mail that had an article on a fly called the green goblin. looked interesting. the photo of the fly was in black and white and there were no materials listed. anyone familiar with this fly that could post a materials list and tying instructions?
  9. thanks guys. posted this elsewhere and the 2488 seems to get a lot of votes as well as the dai-riki 125.
  10. posted this in the beginner section as well. what hook is best to tie smaller midge emerger patterns on (sz. 18-24)? specific brand and number is what i am looking for here. thanks
  11. what hook is best to tie smaller midge emerger patterns on (sz. 18-24)? specific brand and number is what i am looking for here. thanks
  12. an ott light. amazing the difference in my flies when i can see what i'm doing. great little light. highly recommend.
  13. sorry if this is the wrong forum but, i can find material lists for this fly, but not the tying instructions. anybody familiar with the danger baby that could post the tying steps? thanks
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