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  1. Just voted. AWESOME job and a difficult decision in all catagories. Congrats to all that entered, :thumbsup:
  2. Love Me Do - Beatles Steeldrifter - I think Old Fashion Love Song was Three Dog Night
  3. Awesome job ! Great articles and pics. Thanks.
  4. Ok I'll try that.... thanks
  5. Thanks for the tips. The rope does slide easily through the pulley(s). When sitting in the seat; the rope cleat is on the left side of the frame. The rope is run back to the anchor / motor rail and has to make almost a 90 deg. redirection to the last pulley. I was toild this was how it was supposed to be run. On some of the newer boats I have seen that the anchor rope travels down inside the frame to the back. Thanks again....
  6. I have a WaterSkeeter RT II and have set up the anchor per the instructions and have a difficult time raising and lowering it from the seat in the water. Is there a better way to run the rope or modify the pullies? I have a 8# pyramid anchor and a vertical pully on the anchor/motor mount bar. Thanks
  7. mdmayo

    Best Avatar

    Mine always reminds me of the hatches.
  8. Thanks for all of the replies. Lots of choices and ideas on how to stay functional and economical.
  9. I'm planning to improve my tying location from the kitchen table. Am curious what you would recommend; tying benches/organizers/workstations or desks? Thanks
  10. Hello Pete, Welcome to the site. I hunt in PA. and have been for the past 15 years. (Bradford and Tioga counties). I use my Heddon bamboo rod most every chance I get now. Can't beat it. Lots of great info and folks in the forum.
  11. Welcome Milos. Really enjoyed your site (at least the pics) and I'm sure you'll like this one. I'm curious about what camera you used for the photography.
  12. mdmayo


    Hello Tony, welcome LOTS of good info and advice here.
  13. mdmayo

    Giant Mayfly??

    That's what it looks like to me too mcfly. Also known as a Michigan Caddis or Fishfly with peak hatches around the 4th of July in New England.
  14. mdmayo

    Trout vs. Smallies

    If I want to take the kids fishing and be SURE they will catch fish.. we target Bass, they are mean enough to drive you or anything away from their beds, as for Trout; they welcome you to try to get close.
  15. I like to start early in the morning and fish for 2-3 hours; and then from dusk to dark. If Browns are the target.... til 10 or so. BUT sometimes I'm happy catching one fish during an outing.
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