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  1. :bugeyes: "Hard to set wings on it, vise's arm gets in the way" I tie on this vise and the arm never got in my way.
  2. Hi TroutBum I'm with you on the LAW vise. For me it's the best vise I have ever owned. I also have the travel series and was lucky enough to get one of his streamside vises. Which I believe only 6 copies were made. GSB
  3. Matt The old version of the Renzetti mastery had a silver/satin finish that was anodized. They now make 2 versions of the Mastery: The standard has a new powder coating The special edition is anodized in black Both have a mat finish GSB
  4. We all know we are in a Material drought. So when the Rare and unusual items come up on E-Bay there is high demand. I personally don't believe that posting auctions here changes the equation much. I have a feeling most of us are scanning E-bay daily for those items already. GSB
  5. Matt The new Renzetti Mastery has a powder coated finish (regular version not special edition black) that is a mat finish (no sheen). I find it rather ugly. The old version looked quite elegant IMHO The special edition black, mars very easy and will look like crap in no time soon. It's a great vise, i just think they took a big step backwards with the 2 new finishes One vise you may want to look at is the Dingo Vise. It not that expensive when you convert the price from AU to $. http://members.ozemail.com.au/~bjrodg/ GSB
  6. The LAW vise is great! I also own the Dyna-King Professional with the saltwater base. The Dyna-King is a whole lot of vise for the money. You can set it in the horizontal plane, which I like for tying the classics. I never damaged any hooks with this vise. The new version Renzetti Mastery has an ugly white powder coating. Which looks like cheap white metal (though it's not). They made the change because the old model would oxidize and turn black for some tyers (enzymes in perspiration) . I would have chosen a more elegant color. It definitely makes it look like a cheap piece of S**T. I've also heard the black anodized version mars very easy. A friend of mine bought one and the base had extensive rub marks all over. This was from rubbing up against the styro-foam packing during transit. GSB
  7. Bug Bombs are not effective. They may kill a few adults, but that's about it. They will have no effect on the pupae and the larvae are probaly in a container with your feathers. So again the fog will not contact them. They have very little residual too. Even though the can may say differently. The best thing to do is inspect all your materials. Make sure to store all your materials in ziplock bags no exceptions. I use Sawada's, they come with insecticide packs that do not smell. So you won't have to inhale that nasty moth ball odor. You can also buy pheromone traps that will attract the moths. These work very well! google "pheromone trap moths" GSB
  8. $18.00, try $1400.00. I passed on it. My new year’s resolution is to slow way down. After all, how many Chatterer's does one really need? I've been going to FJA (feather junkie anonymous) I think it's working. Yea right. With over 10,000 bird species in the world, I'm sure I'll get sucked backed in when that Sickle billed bird of Paradise shows up for sale.
  9. Indonesian delight! I'm looking forward to seeing the first volume GSB
  10. Ken Sawada is one of the most accomplished Contemporary tyers alive today. I don't think his methods deserve to be called “absolutely stupid arse" We all develop are our own methods that suite and works for us Sorry had to stand up for one of my hero’s GSB
  11. A starting bid of $5000.00 and a buy now for 10,000. Those prices are WHACKED. And the books are not in Pristine condition You could buy an Original Kelson, Blacker and Hale for less than $5000.00 and maybe have enough money left over to by the trade editions of Rare & Unusual. GSB
  12. To my eyes Bud this is one of your best flies! I love the Body and wing, perfection indeed. I’m not crazy about the throat though; Gymnogene (or similar ) would have contrasted nicely with the mearns quail. Kudos GSB
  13. Ray Most Cotinga skins are going for 1200.00 to 2000.00. Though a Cotinga maculata would bring more and a Ridgway Cotinga would bring even more, if you could find one. GSB
  14. Since the auction ended around 7:00AM EST, I would wager it's someone from Europe. But who knows for sure. Getting Cotinga skins has certainly been tough this last year. It will probably stay that way for awhile, if not forever. I know there where several dealers who used to be able to get a dozen or so skins per year through connections in South America. Those contacts have dried up. Also Brazil has beefed up their wildlife export laws. This makes it very hard to import these things legally, even though its not CITIES listed
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