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  1. I would think you’d be an instructor rather than a student, Philly😏
  2. Gotcha! Fly moon.....
  3. https://giphy.com/gifs/eating-pandemic-masks-W63wQGTPYEACc2ZBun
  4. Stupid chit! Lotta magic around here but that ain’t it🤨 Like putting click popper body over hook, true MAGIC! 😉 The magic dust is plain glitter powder...
  5. Nothing like a picture for clarity... https://www.google.com/search?q=brown spratley fly&tbm=isch
  6. BTW youse guys with dogs got a new monthly all in one chewable. SimparicaTrio takes care of heart worms, fleas, ticks, round/hook worms in one deal. $142 for 6 months saves about $100 from Heartguard and Comfortis or the old Simparica separates. 👍 2ADC853B-E8D4-4A4D-9AEF-16AAA8260DE0.MOV
  7. I got a favorite area on lower PearlRiver east of Nawlins to bass bug mostly cuz it’s a swamp and most time your in the shade in the back waters. Problem close by is CajunEncounters swamp tour. Nothing worse than gators not afraid of people cuz they feed them. Never had an encounter with one of the brutes but head is on a swivel in my 14’ boat. They have kayak rentals there too😳🥴 So staying in the boat and make sure the boat is big enough. Draw bridge in background. 👍 There’s a LymeDisease in my dogs compliment of shots each year. Wonder if they have one for people? [/url
  8. Do they have frogs, Crawdads in Wisconsin? You’ll find whole lotta bass stuff over in the WarmWater page. From swimmer tails, divers, spinner flies, Ploppers, take your pick. With your mat’l and to keep it simple prolly a deer hair or foam popper and deer hair or foam diver with bait fish streamer for the three types.
  9. Kinda hard= never could get one on the fly. My Exotics guy cast nets shad usually runs up to Ida for that. His charters are mostly novices with only occasional whippy sticker. I fly fish and DD is the baiter.....I real in Clowns sometimes to keep from gettin left out. Get everything but the clowns on the fly; mostly on bait fish streamers sometimes poppers. Trying to get my guy to do a night trip under the bridges but not yet. He did take his bayboat to BigPine and we tried the tarpon at Bahaia Honda bridge. Couldn’t connect one with a fly, boy I tried, did jump 5; shark ate one landed one on a live crab. I did jump one in the canal by beach house on a cock roach but no joy. Caught yellow tails on fly. Cant get rid of these failed files??? Mikey help!!!!! E2A904AA-6D85-467A-84F2-2805982E322E.MOV E2A904AA-6D85-467A-84F2-2805982E322E.MOV E2A904AA-6D85-467A-84F2-2805982E322E.MOV E2A904AA-6D85-467A-84F2-2805982E322E.MOV His crew are at home at nite cuz they gator draw hunt too. Everytime we’re down there we go by 15th Street Resturant and feed the tarpon. They say the iguanas are no limit and taste like chicken. Don’t be surprised one day I call you up Capt....got your number.
  10. Never realized there exists total explanation of fly rod dynamics. Never really needed it. You gotta start with rod/line wt of manufacturer. Experimenting with different weight lines on the same rods done a lot. But not sure how static measurements and analysis would ever replace actual casting. Maybe for the rod building guys.... https://www.common-cents.info/
  11. Certainly brite and pretty. Seven different materials on that lil hook. Amazing creations, SBP !!!! Ring In The Clowns 😛
  12. Prehistoric looking boogers. We callem grinnels. They got air bladder so survive in low oxygen backwaters. Remind me of the missing link. When fish crawled outa the water as amphibians. CoonAss caviar. https://www.markys.com/Caviar/american-bowfin-caviar/ Stevey needs one for his aquarium👍
  13. DelRay Beach area....the canal that separates it from Boca and other canals up to Lake Ida. Capt. Kinda hard to get the feather backs to hit a fly though. We gotta get back down there. Been 3 times....Got kinfolks in Ft Lauderdale.
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