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  1. My problem is dropping/ launching something because I sit at the bench and not over it. Vice is clamped to table edge. It usually goes in the trash can underneath or somewhere. Then gotta find it and have to check the trash can. Been putting white cloth over it. If I ever build another desk/table it’s gonna have a U shaped indention so I’m well over it and it goes around both sides of my body. You guys that have desks where you get under and pedistal vice slid over don’t have that priblem as bad. So unless It flies away it can only hit the desk and not the floor...I see others are up to the desk and not under it and clamped to table...
  2. Funny you should mention that skeet. I used silver ribbon for these heads. Colored ones with sharpie, eyes and then Solarez. And right prolly work just as good with plain heads... Upstate, sorry about hijacking your post. PM your addy and I’ll send you some of these bugs to eyeball and try. smallmouth?
  3. Wapsi, in MountainHome, Ark from Stockards has little more but $109, shipping? https://www.jsflyfishing.com/wapsi-deluxe-fly-tying-starter-kit?utm_source=google_base&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=gbase_feed&gclid=Cj0KCQiA3Y-ABhCnARIsAKYDH7v3KUyyZs7zkW_p0MdjZWXPUtt3sKbzfGdFs803vNc2_tx3nenJu7waAk7rEALw_wcB
  4. Great tip. Thanks. My spoons are plastic EasterEgg cut to shape and Solarez to thread wrapped hook bent to conform to shape. I leave tabs fore and aft to tie to hooks to help durability. No joy on fish yet but they wobble, flutter, and cast nicely. Careful around here; fly/lures are frowned on around this crowd.
  5. All I can say if you can’t catch fish with glitter bugs you ain’t holding your mouth right... Here’s a beat up one in the off side of my box that I recall using on a 5 wt for 2 trips where Game and Fish want small stunted bass removed @ 10 fish limit wavered. When the plankton blooms after fertilization gotta use a noisey popper to callem up. Lately though been doing better with a foam diver/Cdad looker. i don’t see where they’re any heavier. KODA
  6. UltimatePartyStore....long craft fur $25/pair (?) No white dangit!
  7. It surprises me that more peeps aren’t using the Hardasnails, resin, or epoxy with the glitter dust. May be cuz it’s kinda messy. Gotta dust over sheet of paper or sumthin. You can “paint” different areas on the bodies dust on a color. Let it dry; which ain’t long. Then do another area/color and so on. Put eyes, stripes, stipples on last. Then final coat to cover and slick it off. Lots faster than paint drying. Pearl for bellies and transition to dark blue or black for bait fish. The pepper shakers are easy; cutting a corner on the lil bags is not as good but the stuff is cheap. Jazz up some key fobs with it too.
  8. There’s a whole lotta this stuff we do that ain’t necessary. But that ain’t no fun. Don’t put side legs on salty stuff for sure. Wonder how big a jar of nickles for every fly I’ve given away. Been a few combo rigs w/boxes of flies to serious wannabes to boot. Need to come up with something new getting board. You working on something new lately? Guess not or you’d post it. Nice “firetiger” look on that doublebarrel. February is usually my busiest time for tying. Ben giving the foam stuff he’ll! 😛Getting antsy about Ozark trip the 29th; gonna need storm drawers!!!
  9. Turd tappers do that gooduns slam them has been my experience. Especially bull bream on the beds. Your right about keeping effective hook setting a priority. Biggest problem with store bought stuff is poor hook gap and entirely too long legs. I use hopper dropper rigs mostly. The lil chironomid gets the less aggressive ones. $.02 My philosophy is to create what I like and what works. Most times not available in a store anyway. Pics were pond stockers. Wished there were more sows.
  10. Ready to mail.... maybe get there before June. 📫🥴
  11. You only got 11.5 months to go. You can get plastic or glass balls at craft stores and hang a fly in it. Simple. Have seen some jazzier ones with moss, sticks, rocks then fly glued to that. Kinda like putting a ship in a bottle with tweezers.
  12. In the 70s they had a floating bar that you could fish over in a big opening and they chummed mullet with bread and customers caught mullet on earth worms as they sat in air conditioning while drinking. It was on back bay in Biloxi, Ms. Lotta cast netters off the beach supplied the fish markets with “BiloxiBacon”
  13. Mullet on the fly.....That’s a real trick! They are vegetarian and have a gizzard like a chicken.
  14. Haven’t done cork bugs in a great while. But after sealing the cork with Krazyglue w/brush I’d either paintem with Testors or cover with SallyHansens and glitter dust the whole thing. Add second coat after glueing on paint drop eyes, spots, etc. Then dress the tails and insert rubber legs. Did use Solarez to “capture” foil/flash wraps but final coat SHHN.
  15. denduke

    My new shop

    😳 You gonna need personal camo when to and from the shop??? I can see it now.....palmetto stencils 👍
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