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  1. How many shanks Rick? I put 4 then the hook on mine. Wanta do a feather one but need bunch of staggering sizes of feathers. The craft fur dub is easy to trim and still look right. Feathers not so...
  2. denduke

    Tube Flies

    Never considered small tube flies these are big with wire thru cork/foam dressed in flash/ foil. Although eyes are on them they rotate 360 just like the click popper bodies. I guess you could tie in some kinda keel. Streamer profiles may track true.
  3. Wooly Buggers prolly is the most recommended fly to beginners, warm or cold water apps. Prolly 80% of the unguided fly fishers you encounter on the WhiteRiver, Norfork, LittleRedRiver or SpringRiver in Arkansas are fishing with an olive WB....unbelievable and some are actually catching a few...Stop at gas station with some tackle, WBers are on the wall....🥴
  4. I wouldn’t wet the feathers again just debug. Unless matted or bloody but fluff dry to keep from matting up. Maybe if put in mesh bag like I wash and dry my suspenders in. I never try to keep waterlogged duck feathers but prolly would clean and dry just like when dying them. The feather dyers will chime in on that for you. Have boraxed/salted the skins but just chickens. Have Rit dyed a couple of necks but never loose or oily duck feathers. Got some CDC but still natural state. Don’t forget to collect your CDC off your ducks. Here’s a woody’s cul de conard.
  5. Ran across this post gonna put my $.02 in on tanning hides from old post on a duck page. Tanning is real simple but time consuming, stretch the cased hide on a pointed board sized for that animal, let dry (can put salt to help to scrape the flesh off), soak in strong solution of salt and alum for about 2 weeks (stirring ever couple of days), remove and wash (pop'em like popin a wet towel) then as they dry slowly work them with your hands to keep them pliable (apply naptha and saw dust to help get rid of the last traces of grease) and you can get perfect supple tanned hides (If they try to get stiff use neat's foot oil at any time). When you do this you gotta rip the legs and tails open though. If you want the leather, like buckskin, you gotta use lye/lime soaking and scrape the slippin hair. Soak in some boric acid to neutralize the lime and then do the salt/alum deal. Hope this helps. " Deer are easy but big. You need to flesh it completely as it dries and salt is good if it's stretched/nailed to somethin/barn. If it's not stretched it can "get away" from you. Dull rounded knife is good for scraping so as not to cut a hole. Best to let it completely dry stretched/weeks sometimes. But you can start the salt alum soakin before if you want. Done correctly it'll be a supple and clean white hide your wife would let you wrap around her! The indians say every animal has enough brain to tan his own hide. They mash up the brain tissue and soak the hide in it and stretch it over a square frame scraping the hair off. Quite a job! Results in reddish tanned buckskin leather. Tannin takes lotta time, little effort erey day or so. Thin skinned critters like cats and foxes are even easier, come out nicer. Predator Masters.com has got a fur handling forum that offers other methods and some kits. Buy alum at the drug store, salt, saw dust, naptha, neats foot oil are about easy as you can get.
  6. What the heck....youse guys post up. Tried another game changer. No wonder they’re expensive, lotta manhours. Put the rehab stretch strap cut out for a tail and made my shanks outa lil jewelry rods. Dubbed with craft fur yellow/green blend to get the chartreuse. Was gonna do one with hackles, Sheesh! At least 2 hackles to the segment maybe 3, tail, and the hook makes 6x2=12. Lotta feathers for one fly. Got these MardisGras leggings outa craft fur.
  7. Appreciate all the help guys. Just wanted to try these. Still no plan on detached bodies. Gotta get a trout trip going. One time was crappie fishing on RossBarnettRes up the road and came up on a tree literally hanging with huge mayflies. Everytime some would fall the bluegill swarm underneath went wild. Found a small brown popper that they eventually mangled as I filled my cooler. Never been trouting in a hatch of mayflys. Have seen small caddis hatches and tail end of salmon flies hatch on Henry’sFork Idaho years back. Only dry fly action opportunities has been on hoppers and blind casting humpys for stockers, Arkie. Except some on Idaho trip; no joy on the high waters in Yellowstone. Sure envy guys in trout country!
  8. Dats it! Prolly in fly shops then.
  9. May have figured out the wings. Mylar balloons , wrapping sheets in pearl color?
  10. Mylar balloons? Mylar sheets? Gotta find right color....pearl?
  11. can find an acorn every now and then...
  12. Wonder if you leave a lil gap between the beads on that one Philly that it would click? That wasn’t your intension? There’s some salty flies that do something like that. That first fly looks wild with action!
  13. Smooth.....👍😉. On all accounts!
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