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  1. $.02. I found a pair of stocking lace up boots with zippers on the side. Sure makes a difference getting on over my pot gut. Problem is don’t see them for sale much....Hodgeman model T142 size 11 cuz shoe is 10. They got felt soles with studs. Lotta waders are L,M,S so not true to shoe sizes. One size up still I have lotta extra foot but it crams in alright You go too big they pull off in mud ducking and having to plod along.
  2. Drove down to local state lake to flycast a lil and let the dog swim....NOPE!! https://amp.clarionledger.com/amp/2939092001
  3. Gonna try to post 4 images of how to use postimage.org. Free easy I got 970 or so picks. Just copy paste the forum link once you get an album and upload pics Oops they are not in order register and make album upload pic from your devise share button copy paste to forum post the forum hotlink
  4. Took paper route loot to hardware store bought HCH line, Martin auto reel, and South bend rod and hit anywhere there were bass and bream. Ten years old 1959. 1963 AirForce brat in Wiesbaden Germany first trouted and started tying. Fished couple R&G Club leased streams and few trips to Garmish and Bertcshgaden. Every now and then catch the beautiful native Browns. Had a medalist reel. That’s a lil brown soft hackle. The caddis larva cases were made of lil rocks and sticks. I tied some with cream chenille and black head/legs. Pics are amazing as all we had was 110BW cameras. This musta been Pops with his jazzy 35mm he got from Japan.
  5. Philly you do some amazing things with foam. I tried the diver and gave up... Here’s yours
  6. Prolly ereybody has seen this but just need rubber bands and bandanna for an easy mask https://www.google.com/search?q=how to make a face mask out of a handkerchief
  7. You can tie on the foam at the front and totally wrap over it to the back making a round body before the Estaz wraps, hackle to increase float ability.
  8. Kids hair from DollarTree
  9. Not sure if they still gotten at Lowe’s $10
  10. As These fish down here in Dixie can’t count😉 k Legs from fake sea anemone from pet store. This thing is kinda big 4/0 hook 1/4” foam Spots fabric paint This thing doing all kinda crazy stuff underlining turning blue. Sheehs
  11. Here’s my frog foam and rubber legs no tying just gluing. They don’t really pop and work better early in season on bucketmouths when water is clear. Ie before the plankton bloom in our local lakes. Surprised frogs up your way.
  12. $.02. The Squrmmy worm stuff I got that the guide on Guadalupe River was using was tan, purple and other colors but it was extremely soft to the point the river current and catching and casting would tear it off. The kids toy stuff lots tougher but never seen it in natural colors always been bright. Don’t have package...wasn’t Wapsi or FeatherCraft. I think it had a rabbit on it. Sorry. So you gotta work two together to make a worm. And tie a wad of em on and very carefully melt the ends to make egg balls
  13. denduke


    Think everybody suspected. This stuff airborne😳😕 Coronavirus could be airborne, study suggests https://www.foxnews.com/health/coronavirus-could-be-airborne-study-suggests
  14. I wish Non Resident fees in other states would reflect the senior discounts too. Only one I know is La. waves the $15 WMA fee for over 65. Everywhere else NR pay regular fees...😕
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