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  1. Texas, SanAntonio....wildlife and caverns https://www.google.com/search?q=Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch IMG_5818.MOV
  2. Dat youngin ordered these😳
  3. Oops...DD tried to order.....
  4. Excellent suggestion. Like the price too. Already contacted the proper people. 😛My Bday is 21st👍 Thanks CT! Found this for the Ozarks...or wherever...
  5. Realistically, 11% applications make it. All the requirements are tough: Class ranking, test scores, QPA....Letters, nominations prolly more important than trying to run a mile; small hurdle. You’re not a high school athlete? ATHLETICS very important. A good backup plan would be to try for ROTC scholarships. Still very competitive but the Academy is a moon shot. Easier way for same result; to become 2nd lieutenant and free ( maybe just partially free) degree. Military not for ereybody but great for places where there’s not a lot of opportunities! Good luck!
  6. Guy says hip boots work a lot too. Got a few pairs of those. Was a suggestion of hi top tennis shoes over stocking feet with gravel guard work for some. Zipper, youse guys! More cobblers around than I thought
  7. I can screw studs into the sole if need be. Not lotta algae/moss in Ak I would think. One guide said they supplied boots.....$...? Question is all you need is rubber cleated boots? I have a pair of leather uppers/rubber slippon hunting boots I had a guy sew zippers in. Been years ago. Not sure I can find a cobbler anymore. I used elcheapo Wally World work boots before. Cut few drain holes. Glued paper machine felts on them for felt and on some duck boots too. Always add a few studs when possible. Got neoprene duck waders but kinda bulky luddag...tryin to make all our stocking foots work.... Felts bout out everywhere nowadays....didymo
  8. Anyone know of zippered wading boots. My felt ones are not allowed in AK. Pot gut is lots easier on /off. I think they are Hodgmans. Don’t think they makem anymore.... Alternative maybe????
  9. Somebody say Ribbit????🐸🐸 And a Cdad....
  10. Happy Bunny Day! CA4621FD-85A5-4C04-B507-28443365FCC1.MOV
  11. Peacock bass have been stocked in lots if places. Only successful so far I think has been Fla. back in 1984. I’m not sure how this lake/pond is legal for Barrimundi cuz regs say “indoors”. Seems like possible some hooligans could get some out somehow and start the next invasive species. That’s how Oscars, Cichlids, FeatherBacks, and all the weird catfish things got started...aquariumists. Iquanas, snakes, all kinds of vegetation’s. https://www.fdacs.gov/content/download/64567/file/Restricted-Species-Aquaculture-Rules-and-Regulations.pdf i called the outfit for pricing. Got answering machine . It’s on FB do the search...The number $800 showed up but not sure how many people that included. Lotta bikini babes in the pics, maybe some new fly tiers.... 😳 Big equipment rental outfit had Dove hunt for clients few years back. They had “girls” for retrievers. Never could get any of the guys to own up to anything. Glad I missed that coulda been some killins😝 https://www.google.com/search?q=barramundi in fla.
  12. Great to see LilDave posting again from DownUnder! Any feed back from my bugs? Ever catch a Barrimundi? Watched this show awhile back...Bilk Dance
  13. My tires on my gas motor golf cart/stump jumper😛
  14. Oh there’ll prolly be some raised eyebrows, head shaking and sniggers at truck park/boat launches at my stuff. I’m used to that. 😝 Corn decoys what a hoot, but......
  15. Flesh flies work for the huge browns/cuttthroats that act like they wanta get back into the hatchery because of the occasional dead trout that come out the shoot.😳 https://theozarkflyfisher.com/our-waters/dry-run-creek/
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