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  1. Next time try for one with the whippy stick and one of your flies. That would really be great! I gotta get to Alaska!!!!!
  2. Tied some braid to affix hackle tips for a mullet tail. Doesn’t make movement like the ones you got though. Stripped a saddle and trimmed to make the distinguishing black tail of finger mullet. Modifications to improve effectiveness called an invention....Spare me...
  3. Tried wire but this is 26 gauge craft stuff. Anyway made a wicked looking sow bug! Great for Arkie tailwaters. Wire is easier it don’t unravel if you let go. Need to try the lil stuff. Tried wire and floss and wire and d-rib... the chironomid needs help....
  4. Interesting RickZ. Thought about wire but hadn’t tried it. You got three hands to get legs in the weave? Insert later with needle? Hadn’t tried that. My cataracts must be getting worse. Thanks for the follow up. The ones I learned from, no longer in Orvis, had black mono, plastic(?), for the back and brown floss. The mono and flex I tried was too stiff. Found this black cord worked but mine are kinda big on streamer hooks. Wanta get the knots along the sides for the segmentation and still have curved back. Not getting much of that. Oh I hate biots! Nice froggies too.
  5. Kinda hard to find styrofoam balls to fit 18,20s Then thread em on to not kill the hook bite....keep Solarez outa the hook eyes, etc..... ain’t this stuff fun! Went ahead and salvaged hooks, etc from the fabric fusion debacle.
  6. Keeps flash from fowling in hook being at hook bend not way forward and big bite tippets tie on cleaner with a snell.
  7. The lil one is 18....
  8. denduke


    Heads up for FlyShack sale. Got 2 clear intermediate sink Cortland fly lines. $20 ea. 1/2oz Loon Resin $4.19 UV lite $15. Ordered Fri got today over $50 ship free.
  9. I just hope the double hooks up don’t make em land upside down😳
  10. Might be problem. Some of those old timers are gone. 9 year old post. Hope some of those guys chime in...
  11. Flashed up some sea trout jig heads...
  12. denduke


    Lots simpler cicada with foam strip and crystal flash wings....Even came up with green un....
  13. Freak deal. Dang thing grabbed my fiber shrimp under a click popper....
  14. denduke


    Can’t you put your phone photos on SD card then anywhere huh? I thought that was why Android was favored because it’s got a microSD cart slot on it. We iPhone user just have the Cloud...wish they had cards in them. I down load my pics on a Zip drive from my phone to back it up. I don’t trust the Cloud... Cant you email them to yourself. I do that to my puter sometimes... https://www.androidpit.com/how-to-save-photos-to-the-sd-card?amp=true
  15. My $.02 in your case....Leave one side of elastic in place. Cut the other and put a snap on it singled out. You gonna have to find a small threaded I bolt to screw in the plastic handle end where the elastics come out.( Your handle w/o eye needs to be resolved for this way). Then get the magnet deal SC is showing and attach to eye screw at the net handle and the other part to back of vest loop. When using bring stretch cord singled out under left arm hook to vest in front. This will keep from loosing net inadvertently. This will also give enough slack to range your net to fish. When thru flip handle up your back and easily let the magnet catch the handle. The stretch cord in picture is just hooked temporarily for clarity. I came up with this cuz didn’t want the magnet on the net hoop to snag leader and brake fish off and needed constant connection to prevent net loss. Wet net on lower back wasn’t a concern.👍
  16. denduke


    Philly looks good. I ve always felt in flies and duck decoys always emphasize the prominent features rather than exact copies. The cicada main features are its bright orange eyes, big wings, body shape and legs. Your first bug does that pretty much.
  17. Still struggling....
  18. denduke


    I use iPhone. Take sharp pic back some, then magnify by spreading fingers over the screen and hit screen shot to save it. Solves trying to get close pic in focus. Screen shot....hit side button and enter button at the same time takes a pic of the display screen. Then do it again! Better than sliced bread😛
  19. I made some divers last year that the lil bass ate up. I figured Cdad response so lotta orange some blue. You keep stripping and they stayed down. Strip pause and float up worked too
  20. denduke


    Let’s see your Cicada flys Sportsfans FlipFlop foam wings outa lil packing wrap. Prolly won’t last. Gonna make a simpler version next...
  21. Nice divers maybe Fsg2. Look like LazyIke plugs. I made the top 2 plop blades from foam balls and curved plastic from Easter egg shells, Solarez. Robbed the bottom 2 w/hardware from plastic plopper trailer I got at Dicks. Tried a Cicada....Lil flipflop foam not sure how long the lil bubble wrap wings gonna last.
  22. Not sure I oughta post this maybe in the beginners section. Back in the 60’s in Wiesbaden, Gr. I bought a Orvis Hellgramite at the American Rod-Gun Club and cut it apart to figure out how to weave the body. Been awhile and ain’t got the right stuff but gave it a try. Weave the black tubing or mono with the floss giving a shell like back and segmented underside. To stiff to get nice body look. There’s some fellas on here can do it heck of a lots better😏. Sorry for substandard stuff.
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