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  1. Couple dozen pond stockers outa State lake on spider/ popper rig. Amazing they are trying to spawn aready. We’ve had so much rain da dang fish gonna drown....
  2. Y’all just sit like knots on a log or maybe make some magic wands. I don’t need your negativity. Not any fun!😛. BTW do you 2 ever tie abything or just run people down on here?
  3. Prolly have to make even smaller “blades” .possibly outa plastic instead of metal....
  4. Hot kind new bait for bass and redfish, chatter jigs. Wonder if you could get the smallest “blade” and no more than an hourglass lead eye and still get the chatter and it still be castable with fly gear? Stripping/pausing one in versus steady retrieve might be an issue. There’s a clear polycarbonate blade around...Anybody tried or prolly better than that anyone even care to do it????🤪
  5. Found a couple lil spinner blades... IMG_5239.MOV
  6. That’ll be 2 easy and no fun at all. Too weighty also and doesn’t float on pauses...Next rattling head. 12”ers 😳
  7. Rattle Wobbler./Wiggler...5 mm rattle in the foam for a loud click on the wobble. IMG_2579.MOV
  8. Been making the heck outa them. Done changed most rods to them and experimenting with some short furled tippets. Got up to 25#. You can feel the difference in the mono and fluro when twisting. Wish there was a way to eliminate the Surgeon knot or they really would be slick. Sure wish braided mono was available. Could make eyes in them and might even plaid them together for knot free stuff... Can dang near do the light line ones as fast as tying loops, joining knots. And like was said no memory and see the difference casting especially with the big and fluffy stuff. I like to double the loop at fly line especially on serious stuff. The leader loop bites/ chokes the running part of the loop rather than bottoming out and really deforming the loop mat’l... Furled leaders....Another amazing aspect of this stuff garnered from this site. Did anybody mention sliced bread? 😛Thanks!
  9. Those look like Tenkaraflies. That’s funny!🙄 Bout like my Tenkara steamer... 🤪
  10. Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought carry over stocker fish start to get a square tail or lots cleaner tails the longer they survive and loose the “stocker look.” Not sure of stocking size either. Saw somewhere TheGuadaloupe was listed as a top 10 trout stream. Propaganda? I learned one thing they wanted little stuff to be dumb stockers.... https://www.lonestarflyfishing.com/blog/2019/11/14/guadalupe-river-fishing-report-fall-2019 http://livingwatersflyfishing.com/guadalupe-river/
  11. not counting the 3 in the truck and 2 big 12wts in the bay boats. 9 flyrods, 6 cases weighs 12 pounds. Gotta abbreviate everything to 50#. Gotta rob couple spin reels for the 2ea 6.5” telescope rods. Could be 5 peeps fishing at once...Boots, waders, hip boots, flies, lures, nets. Clothes?.....clothes😳.....Funny huh?😛 No problem👍😛. May use the bear spray for us all to practice. Not sure how it made it back on plane from Wyoming? Might not be a go?
  12. Can’t find the original post. Trying out my new furled leaders today and was trying the snakes, wobblers, etc. The leaders worked great. I came across my red styrofoam ball gamechanger and tied it on to figure out how to make it swim. Bam!! Bout a 2# bass socked it. No pic cuz dang thing got unbuckled... Noticed when I paused the GC and the leader sank a little it would dive and wiggle some as it floated back up. Well back at the drawing board. Had some homemade shanks. Put the new wobbler head on one and leave the hackle off and add swimmer tail with a second hook to weight the tail. Could fuzz it up with some hackle maybe. Cut the bite of the back hook off? So is it a wobbler and has it left the building on Gamechanger???? To be tested....
  13. Nice stuff! Woodworking is one thing magic is another. I guess youse guys deal with non believers everyday though😂 https://www.wizardingworld.com/writing-by-jk-rowling/wand-woods
  14. Youse guys prolly never have supported Trout Unlimited...Tailwater trouting in a lotta pkaces created some amazing fisheries; albeit invasive species.... http://grtu.org/about/ The one that comes to mind from the many White River systems in Arkansas is the LittleRed River that had the 40 lb world record Brown for years,,,,
  15. Made a few. Loosing the fingerprints on my index and thumb....I did 12# and 20# mono. I don’t think 30# or bigger is possible for me...put 10 mono and 12 fluro tippets respectively and wrapped then up. Walked along on the starts to allow untwisting. Did double line perfection loops on the tippets rather than Bimini. Gonna try the 12s on lil stuff and the 20s on the bass bugs. Anybody do a 3 step down? I put tiny swivel on one....Any way to easily incorporate a popper dropper. Maybe on long tag end left on the loop knot on the final tippet????? Need to try these first ones out before spending more time on’em
  16. Nice video as always. Like the exotics. Amazing no crowds just a cowboy. I’ll bet tha Guad would be great wet wading early. That is before the kayak/float tubers hatch👍 Here’s a pic at the launch/truck park years ago on the SpringRiver, Ark. when we returned from our morning jaunt😳. Good thing there are other opportunities upstream of this chaos.
  17. I guess you could tie a lotta fly patterns, streamers mostly on jig heads if this wasn’t a flytying forum😛. My salty buddies limit my flycasting on most of our trips but I tied a shrimp pattern behind the jig( shrimp/critter dressed jigs)and caught doubles several times. The problem the trailer would hang up too much. So I made some with styrofoam heads to float up behind the jigs. Tied some “shrimp/critters” and some flashy ones to match the speckled plastic tails. Mostly purple or blue flakes likes in the previous post. One time we went way in the marsh in two boats and it was live shrimp deal for speckled trout/redfish. (25 fish limit it’s all about filling coolers with these guys and they frown on me waivering from the norm....”Old man you’re not contributing to the coolers enough”...yada, yada. It’s all in fun though ) We were running outa live shrimp so I tied a double fiber shrimp fly deal under the click/popping corks that we were using on spin rigs. And I kept on catching! The last pic is the shrimp/critter flies that I copied to jigs... The point of this is Jay you could tie crawfish, baitfish patterns, what ever on your jigs if you wanta get creative! A Cdad trailer on those hair jigs is prolly hard to beat though.👍
  18. Nice video. I figure you are using a cdad or swimmer tail plastic trailer with your hair jigs? Correct? I think hair jigs have a better/different look than the popular skirted ones. Like most things I kinda go crazy/over do stuff. I have added flash, rubber legs, glittered the heads, etc...you name it. I’ve even added spinners out the back. I’ve tied jigs to look like shrimp. I’ve tied feathered and chennile jigs for crappie. I’ll just post couple of pics of the jig jazzing I do for salty fish where I add a plastic swimmer tail or spinner. If you’re interested I could post some others but this is your post and I respect that.
  19. Kinda tough trying to wind the foam on the mono already tied to hook. Lots easier on a needle.
  20. Nice shrimp! I use glass rattles on my fiber shrimp. The rattles help building the heads for me. Nifty jointed tail.
  21. More snakes....great action anxious to get one in a Bucketmouth and see how they hold up. Tried a lil one. May be too consumable😏 IMG_2370.MOV
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