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  1. Philly, I had lost interest in the mops after having to snip them off the bream flies cuz of missed strikes. The booby head, long body, marabou on the end looks nifty. Are the floss deals stiff or flexy. Never seen that before let alone on a fly.
  2. Ran across this nice wet fly and saved the pic. Prolly someone on here. Vice looks familiar.... Emperor Caddis tied with 2 CDC feathers and the stems make the antennas
  3. Don’t forget to get the CDC off his preening gland on back of his tail. Years ago, 3 dogs ago WoodyDuke found a cripple walking outa the duck woods. We kept him thru July in wifey’s menagerie pen. He died. Step son found 5 ducklings down the road no hen onetime. They all died but one. He grew into pretty drake and got with a wild hen down at the pond. Never could tell which he was after awhile.
  4. Was checking for acorns/squirrel sign under big willow oak. Found another guy/gal prolly checking for squirrels too. Got one good lick on his head, rotten stick broke three places. He crawled up in big brush top so I retreated! Had to be 4’ or better way bigger than my arm. Hard to see his head but bunch of rattles on his velvet tail...timber rattler Glad dog wasn’t with me. Might need to pack some heat for awhile. Been awhile. This one not near as fat. He was crossing driveway headed towards HankyBoy’s dog house I prolly need to stay outa da woods at least with just “steel toed flipflops” on😛. Not good dancing around with rotten sticks after a big snake with shoes you can’t back up in😳😝
  5. Sitting in cart at creek, look in rearview, and spike walks across. Marks his scrape (peed), rub orbital scent on overhead branch. Paid no attention to me.
  6. $.02. Tails need to be deboned if to be tanned and then carefully opened up with a knife. Kinda trick to it. Too late for that. Carefull about rewetting a bone in tail. If I had to wash one I’d make sure it dried quickly. Try just wash the hair. ie try not to get the whole thing soaking wet. Most people collecting tails for people just lop them off and let dry. Lotta meat to dry on a lopped off fox tail. Dried coyote.....coyote crab fly. Coons, yotes, possums are nuisance. I hate to harvest the foxes and bobcats. Can’t get yotes in live trap for some reason, so hesitate with the steel traps. Would get back into trapping, retired, but the fur maket is pitifull.
  7. Thanks work in progress..... the mayflies are sideline/ just wanted to try it. Very rare I’ll try a Humpy,Midge, Caddis mostly only dry stuff is hopper/dropper for trout. When I was making the hollow foams I had to address that float issue. Trying to get the GC floater to snake like the wet version is the problem I’m creating.
  8. Will they go in a live catch trap? I catch nuisance armoredDillars in wooden box traps.. Scented with nightcrawler fish formula and guides along a fence or wall. We don’t have chucks or gophers down here. Easy to build could bait it with cherries? Prolly can’t use “lead poisoning” in a neighborhood.
  9. Problem is Philly it just pulls straight across the surface. Put it in rain barrel. If you twitch it it’ll kinda squirm but needs sumthin. Not on a rod yet. Might walk the dog with lil twitches. That would be nice. Maybe if the tail was weighted some might create a wiggle or maybe one of your diving lips on the front ball. Was thinking of doing one with foam sheet crease fly style but it’s prolly just gonna lay over flat and just track straight too. Prolly do a feathered one next. Need to learn Wally Wings and or Origami wings for my mayflies too.
  10. Looks to me like not a problem to cut em off and reglue on othe side. I do stuff like that all the time and back up....most times eyes are for the beholder not the fish I’m told but I put’em on ereything. BTW what fish are you targeting with that tail? Tarpon with palolo worm? Wait they don’t have eyes. Thinking out loud again... Baby flounder...left and a right😝
  11. Ah right boys and girls, animal crackers. Floating Game Changer. Styrofoam balls Solarez on the shanks. Hackle then ball on each shank. Gotta see how it looks in da water.
  12. Actually picking up for the next cast... Lil Red River, JFK Park, HeberSprings, Arkansas. DD’s IPad for the pic. Home of world record brown trout. ( record was broken few years back in Michigan I think). Anyway Arkie tailwaters are amazing artificial trout fishery. I tried for one the monsters one day couldn’t get him to hit. Had to be over 20#. They catch them mostly around the grass beds at nite. At DryRunCreek at Norfork River by the hatchery they got handicap/ kids deal that the browns are so thick before the spawn in the late fall/ winter you could walk over their backs! We let kids use our rods and catch the huge cutthroats that are in plain view whenever we get up there. Headed that way soon I hope. http://arkansasroadstories.com/nature/trout.html Got this one at LibbyShoals one time and one on the WhiteRiver over by Cotter, Ark Mostly stocker rainbows OK Mikey ....action shot. DD got me on SpringRiver with nice rainbow with her IPad. It takes great pictures. Speaking of kayaks, canoes, rafts then add bikinis, beer you gotta go early to beat the hatch. This is what we came out to witness at truck park😳 I count 22 canoes in that one stack😝
  13. One time I flipped over sideways. The top heavey Yamah dropped in a rut and it went right over. Some guys behind me helped right it. Funny thing was the A5 Belgium Mag was sticking up in the mud. It had come outa the rack and lucky was in scabbard so no mud up the barrel. We laughed. Coulda got me and dog hurt. That’s prolly why such racks are not sanctioned by ATV companies. DIY only.
  14. Ok guys can’t stand it any longer. Pirogue-Peerow . Built from one sheet of 1/4” X14’ marine plywood; the bottom and 2 sides. 1x2” molding and ribs, compound miter end blocks. 2 seater. Used sheet rock nails and painted with latex paint. Had 2 guys and cooler of beer in it a few times. Literally wore it out in the swamps and had to get the fiberglass one. Sat on cooler to keep legs from going to sleep and later built a chair that fit over the molded seat. When you hit an underwater cypress knee and tump over you could just step out in shallow water or go swimming. Definitely backwater application. You gotta keep a good sense of humor around this joint👍😛
  15. Estaz, never though about that. Foam😳I be combining my lil styrofoam balls, craftfur/hackle for a jointed floater. Thanks for the idea Philly 👍
  16. Sheesh! That thing could take a child! Do they have a bounty on them. See on tv they catchem and release? WTH! My exotics guy in DelRayBeach says the iguana are “no limit and taste like chicken”. Still a nuisance, vegetarians. Last year when it got cold down there they were “falling outa da trees!” Ever pursue them?
  17. Tried the mayfly bodies....oh well Took easy way out foam reinforced with the 2 monos that become the tails all covered in Solarez. Done as easing off the needle to get the curve. Lil CDC before the grizzly hackle. Wings cut outa ribbon and reinforced with CA glue off my fingers. Gotta be fast and clean fingers later. Maybe the mono in the body will help on durability.
  18. Got my lil calendar from TU and there was lil gift bundle offer. 3 of the four flies are woolly buggers....😏
  19. Prolly the thing to do is lengthen the shanks and only use 3. The webby saddles from the strung packs if I can find 3 different lengths. You using same size for all 3, Philly? Nifty propeller up front!👍
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