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  1. Blue gill for the fight and the eating.
  2. Ya all I use is the coffee grinder method and I am able to produce the right dubbing to my liking pretty quickly.
  3. Definatly the fly imatation of a hula popper, im gonna try it in green and black if the legs cooperate.
  4. Cool fly, this is a new method of tying flies for me and I think I'll have to try it.
  5. Nice tie, I love the color contrast from the black to the green and so will the bass.
  6. Great fly. Gonna have to get a few tied before the ice is done melting.
  7. mine have been in the mail since friday morning
  8. Hey, I'm just starting to tie tube flies and would like some good tube flies for bluegill. Also, some interchangable tube flies would be nice. Thanks, Fanslerfisher
  9. Ya, I still have to pick up a vise but i can't wait to start. These interchangable tails and patterns look really fun.
  10. ya, that crappie candy is a pretty good fly and easy to tie.
  11. thanks again troutbum, ill get mine in the mail
  12. Oh yeah, does anyone no a good fly vise for tube flies in an affordable price range? Thanks, Fanslerfisher
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