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  1. Ahh... Ice hockey, I nearly forgot. You lucky barstools. We've got something called Australian Rules Football. Is it tough? Some call it Aerial Ping Pong, I refer to it as Cross Country Ballet. Candy arse pretty boys; freeze to near death when it drops below 15 degrees...
  2. Hello mate, I've been a master 'car painter' for 20 years now and that's some beautiful work, especially for someone who isn't in the trade. I've been trying to get the motivation myself but I'm afraid I'm what some call " a plumber with leaky pipes". Well done. Shawn Mitchell, Perth Australia.
  3. Yes sir. But some of us have to live in Australia. (lousy wife)
  4. I reckon this is the forum to ask. I'm thinking of purchasing an Abel Supreme vise. Does anyone own one and was it worth it? Thank you very much, Shawn Mitchell Perth Australia.
  5. Greetings from Perth Australia. We're in the middle of our dry season waiting for the hopper plague and at times like these we tend to rely on a vice called Dingo. Google it, study it and then envy it. I must admit though, you Americans have got everything else down to a fine art. Viva le sage, columbia, tibor et wasatch! :headbang:
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