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  1. I like them all, but if I had to pick it would be stretch flex and wire. I like chironomids and these two items I could not live without. cheers kt
  2. :headbang: 2liner thanks for hosting; good swap some interesting patterns, enjoyed it. thanks again kt
  3. MY BAD, I will send one right away.
  4. Hey 2liner I sent my flies on wed.12 by post, should get there on time. kt
  5. 2Liner, Need a addy. thanks kt
  6. shezli, We send in our flies to one address they are sorted then everyone gets one of everyone elses, so you get to look at different patterns. Its kinda like christmas. Looks like some good patterns in this swap. I just started tying for it the other day. cheers, Kamloopstrout
  7. Ya, Chironomids are deadly in stillwaters, problem is picking one to tie there are 5000 species. I only have 1500 in my fly box. cheers kt
  8. Hey I'm in, I think I will do polar bear bucktails and chironomids. Kamloopstrout :headbang:
  9. Hey Guys, I'm in a B.C. boy of course look at the name. thanks kt
  10. Hi its Kt I am still waiting I was wondering if maybe it got lost or was returned? If you could let me know that would be great. thanks kt
  11. WOO HOO, I just got mine the other day, Christmas all over again Hey thanks Ron (31) I really like the looks of those poppers. Hope everyone had a good Christmas. kt (Ron) :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  12. Merry Christmas all, I am looking forward to getting my parcel; it will come after this Christmas thing, but thats one extra gift to look forward too. happy new year kt
  13. Merry Christmas Guys, I am still waiting looking forward to getting them, but I understand the post is backed due to some kind of Christmas thing and snow. Happy New year to all kt
  14. Hey D, There are a number of bugs but the worst is moth larva they will eat through most flies and materials. Moth balls work good but if you know exactly where they are you can freeze them. I have had problems with moths in the past and they ruined many of my flies and materials. I used moth balls and when I thought they were gone I repackaged all my materials in zip locks. kt
  15. Hi guys, That fish is indeed broodstock what happened was a fish farm on that lake had been damaged from ice flows and the fish escaped. Since then fish of that magnatude have been caught in that area. These are not wild fish but they have been caught in the wild. I got this from a fellow who lived there. cheers kt
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