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  1. fishyfrank- ty the vane link- very clever way of doing it:) hookups- on longer shanked hooks it hasnt been an isssue- on short shank version -it also hasnt been an issue but- a stinger simply tied to the hook bend would do the trick inverted- i have tried inverted but the hook weight requires to much foam to keep them inverted- though some inventive soul could find a way i,m sure:) Will
  2. some pics- since I teased everyone:)) WiMi -Floater/Diver and one done WiMi Nymph style - ballasted with tungsten sheet as a slow sink version the lip is simply shaped from the hard part of a plastic hook box- with a little epoxy under for strength . the combo of foam shapes makes it wiggle with the slightest forward movement and the rear triangle keeps it from rolling I use a loop to tie them on -Popper Style-rather than a knot- enjoy Will )))
  3. MbCarp


    I,ve used Veniard dyes extensively- on skins deer hair and otherwise- the skin absorbes a lot of dye but does work well. Just have to make sure the material is properly treated with de-greasing solution and they will take the dye well. The post dye bath washing time is prolonged to clear the dye from the skin . With lighter materials its often usefull to dye to a darker base colour and re-dye to the final colour to get a strong and deep colour finally. hope that helps Will
  4. I'll post up some pics and try and explain some adjustments to the design that enhance what it does:) the patterns steals from all over the place( < big believer in creative thievery vs originality claims:))) cheers Will
  5. I like tungsten sheet- its around 1/16 th inch thick and easily cut( read weight adjusted) and used as underbody with being bulky and sink like a rocket:) Will
  6. Interesting never seen the Petijean head- it looks like another method i've seen:))) the WiMi takes a different approach- basically its designed as a suspending pattern- but can be tied to float and dive/supend and dive or slow sink and stay self righting no matter how it lands Will
  7. Wimi Nymph http://www3.mb.sympatico.ca/~wmilne/wimi3.avi Will
  8. I use Clousers for Channel Cats here- and the more sparse the better:) 1 toothpick for me Will www.watersidemb.ca
  9. nice tie- a friend fishing an Epheron Album hatch ( white millar) for Goldeye this summer on the Red River Manitoba:)) it was like snow evening after evening:) from bank to bank for miles:) for what its worth we did notice that the fish would target on surface mating pairs( a bigger easier target perhaps) with trailing shuck males a close second
  10. Browns- lake Wet Daddy Grouse and Claret Golden Olive Bumble Teal and Green Olive Dabbler Browns - stream Stewarts Black Spider Snipe and Purple Beacon Beige Borderer Partridge Glory Bows- anything:))))
  11. MbCarp

    A stonefly

    from the sound of it - pteronarcys dorsata- they tend towards a dark brown olive- black/dark brown colour and are shorter tailed then some of the other large stonenfly nymphs- and they get bigger than that:)))))))))- they have a 3 year cycle egg- adult( spending the time as nymphs) - so you will find many sizes of them in a river- you may also find instar - very pale specimens- having freshly shed their nymph skin as they grow- trout love them:)))))))))))) there is also - try a google search- hope that helps
  12. my favourite style of pattern of all:)) a few more for you http://www.snipeandpurple.co.uk/page_5.htm John Reids- Clyde Style Flies is a great intro book Trout Flies of Scotland by Stan Headley has some great patterns in it as well:)) hope that helps
  13. ty all for the encouragement:))- yep Fish- i agree swiss straw has some nice translucent qualities:) a little illustration- to em um illustrate my own pref for using the pupa and diving caddis in tandem on a dropper setup
  14. thanks for the encouraging words:))- i added a little illustration to the diving caddis thread to show my own prefs for use:)
  15. ok OSD- be honest how many bears did you get on the backcast with bacon grease scented patterns?
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