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  1. I trust him with the caretaking of the greatest site on the web!
  2. I'm with daup on this one, especially if i'm gonna tie a boatload of flies. A big old 24oz rockstar beats the pants of coffee!
  3. Also interstingly enough, Boise State Creamed Oregon state who beat USC!!
  4. All these people complaing about michigan getting screwed and then michigan plays a game like that, sure should humble some blue fans! I thought florida should get in before michigan lost. Harder schedule and more wins against bowl teams were the lock for me. I can't help but laugh at all the people saying ohio state will cream florida, not because it's not a possibility but because people seem so sure right after boise state beat oklohoma and a few year after ohio state had "No shot" agaings miami!! They play the games for a reason and i think florida is going to play with a serious no respect kind of chip on their shoulder and surprise a lot of people.
  5. I agree with DaUp. I always put the dot color on top.
  6. You wrote that for me and i'm glad you did. Been very impressed so far with it. Tied some large silver salmon dry flies with it, the jaw strenght was amazing!!!
  7. Now that's my kind of fly!! Pink and flashy usually equals success for many alaskan species especially salmon. I'll have to try that one.
  8. Thanks guys, just ordered a dyna king jr. trecker.
  9. I'v been thinking about getting a new vice. Even though i have been tying for years now I have never had one that was more than 110 bucks and my current rotary budget griffin is on it's last legs. Any good recomendations for a vice in the 100 to 250 dollar range. I tie a variety of sizez, smallest around size 14 and the biggest around 2/0. However most of my flies are in the size 6 to 1/0 range so a vice with good grip strength for big flies is a must.
  10. That does look downright painful!!! You must be one hard worker, very admirable.
  11. very cool, i really like the top one!
  12. I love Ice fishing :headbang: Used to not think much about it but once i did it I was hooked. It Definetely helps me get through the long dark alaskan winters! I just find it peacefull, sitting there maybe talking with a friend with the quite of a winter wonderland all around you. Not to say there isn't action nothing like the mad scramble that happens where everones rods or tip ups are going down like crazy!!!
  13. Fishing streamers is my most practiced technique for trout whether in lakes or rivers. Even when i'm fishing trout feeding on eggs and flesh the big trout are suckers for large streamers. I love streamer fishing because for one it generally let's you target big fish and it also lets u cover lots of water. U can also fish streamers in a variety of ways instead of just dead drifting egg patterns which can get tiresome after a while. I fish for some big trout and those 30 inchers will require big streamer some times. My most effective for trophy bows are streamer patterns usually are 4 to 6 inches long articulated flies with heave coneheads or barbells. Usually nothing to fancy, olive or black bunny fur with or without flash.
  14. Big olive or black 4 to 6 inch long articulated bunny flies with large barbell eyes. They are a bitch to cast but they get down fast and fool big trout.
  15. Rookie alaskan fishing guide!!
  16. One thing i have learned over the years is that any fly that is the color olive and can mimmic a leech like the olive wooly bugger is killer for trout!
  17. Well i will tie dozens of one pattern but never keep more than six in a box.
  18. I use it all the time. Now their are times i probably could fish without i.e. fishing for less educated fish but most of the time it really improves my success. All 5 species of salmon up here get hit pretty hard as do trout in some places by fisherman and the fish wise up to leaders fast and over the years flourocarbon has proven to me that it's visiblitly is much less than regular mono as i catch more spooky fish on it especially on calm sunny days.
  19. Deer hair was a real problem for me early on but once i learned how tight i needed to pack it it was a cinch. I have never used a hair packer, i do fine using my hands. just make sure you clamp your vise down on the hook as hard as you can because when i don't i force the hook to towards tha back and out of the jaws.
  20. Well if your not tying them with long tails your not crazy, if you are tying them with long tales you are. I personally tie them really long so i use glue.
  21. I have had experience with leaks in float tube and in my experience when it leaks near the filler tube it's better just to purchase another bladder for it. It's extemely difficult to repair that area of a bladder and it's not very reliable.
  22. I have had experience with leaks in float tube and in my experience when it leaks near the tube it's better just to purchase another bladder for it. It's extemely difficult to repair that area of a tube and it's not very reliable.
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