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  1. Nice job, definately a good selection for up here
  2. I completely agree with blue gills and double haul, i have found the hook goes in much easier on the hookset with barbless. When i used barbed i lost a lot of fish right on the hookset because of lack of penatration. I also thing it does less damage to the fish, you have to pull harder to remove a size 4 salmon hook with a barb and it takes longer.
  3. I like mustand hooks and i prefer uni over danville. However that is just my personal preference, i know others who like danville and don't like mustad. My advice to you would to experiment with different brands to see which you like best, when you buy thread buy some danville and uni and maybe some other brands.
  4. Well as a man who fillets at least 400 salmon a year i can say i have tried all sorts of knives and i have to say i like the expensive stiff kershaw knives. They hold and edge much longer and they really work much better for filleting fish, especially big ones. The really make it easier to seperate the flesh from the ribs on the salmon and honestly i never really remove the skin anyway. I just peel the skin off while cooking the fish whether it's on the barbecue or on a skillet, much easier than filleting it off.
  5. I know sd i was only kidding, i think it's hard to pick one fly when you rely on hatches so much. I know when i lived in utah i would never have a favorite fly especially for river dwelling trout because of all the different hatches. Up here just give me a good leech pattern, egg pattern, flesh pattern, sculpin pattern and smolt patterns and i'm set for the season so i really only have 5 flies to choose from and only three work very well year round.
  6. Lol, 700 bucks aint a big deal! If you got it bad you will be spending way more than that
  7. A 4 to 6 inch olive articulate leech made of rabbit fur and with barbell eyes. It definately hasn't caught me the most fish of those 3 species but it's my best big fish fly for all 3. When i fish it i know at a hook up i most likely have a fish over 3 pounds.
  8. Is this for just fly tying books or all of fly fishing in general? If it's all of fly fishing i'll review Advanced fly fishing techniques by lefty kreh
  9. Yeah i would recommend learning HTML, i did in high school and i'm glad i did. It really allows you more freedom and if you learn enough you can build way better websites than the free sitebuilders. I know u don't want to spend money but those college classes cost money i believe and another option would be to get a nice web page program made by companies like Adobe. You can buy the program along with a turorial/instruction book so you can learn on your own time. They spit out the Html like the free ones but they can help you build way better pages, in fact you can do just about as well with them as you can with html and it's easier to learn.
  10. As a man with a PASSION for golf i resent that And yes we have golf courses all the way up here
  11. Sounds like a lot of fun. Great report!
  12. Well even though i use beads more than glo bugs i still tie 500 or so glo bugs a year for Red salmon and occasionally dollies and bows. I have to say i prefer Mycfly foam because it's so much easier to work with and if you do a good job it will look great, maybe not as much as glo bug yarn but the fish don't give a damn!! This is how i tie my glow bugs, it's quick and turns out some great lookin flies. Take 5 pieces of glo bug yarn twice the length of the shank. Now put Stack 2 pieces on top of the other 3 pieces like a pyramid and pinch them together(if you want a dot make sure the dot color is the top two pieces). At the middle of the hook take two ligh wraps of kevalar thread over the middle of the pinched yard and then sinch down as tight as possible. Take a extra wrap and then tie forward and finish off the thread. Finall Using a Large sharp scissor Pull the yarn up as one as hard as you can and make one sharp cut about a 1/3 of the way up the yarn. It's important that you only make one cut so you need good scissors.
  13. I tie my egg flies on size 4 and 6 Gamagatsu glo bug style hooks. When i look for egg hooks up here i look for four things. First off i like straight eye hooks, second they need to be ultra sharp, have a wide gap and they must be heavy wire to put up with a 10 pound sockey or 18 pound rainbow. Those gamagatus fit all of my criteriea.
  14. I can tie them well but I hate tying big salmon bombers For two reasons. One these suckers are huge so they take a long time as you need lots of deer hair and it's just to damn messy. After a couple of bombers my tying areas a mess which i don't like.
  15. I would say I use Wooly bugger type patterns more than any fly for salmon and trout. Wooly buggers, Bead head wooly buggers and ESL's which are just woolybugger variations catch me a lot of fish. Egg patterns would be second for me.
  16. Awesome fish! With all the saltwater fishing down there it's easy to forget how big those bass get.
  17. I'm only a geek in the wintertime. In the summer i'm too busy fishing and playing golf or basketball. In the winter i turn into a geek, my days are spent playing video games, screwin around with photoshop for hours and watching lord of the rings or star wars for the 100 time that year!
  18. I am definetely in the minority here! I am right handed and tie counterclockwise, whenever i tie with someone else they always point that out. I find i can tie faster ane easier this way.
  19. Nice fly, i use a lot of those patterns for big lake dwelling rainbows. Based on the color i also bet you could dead drift that thing to imitate flesh and catch some big rainbows up here.
  20. Oh ok sounds like your fishing the road system. I thought you were fishing the remote areas when you mentioned kings since there is very limited fly fishing on the road sytem for kings. All of the flies i mentioned are in the book Flies of Alaska which is a great book that you might want to pick up.
  21. Don't know what works in Peru so i can't help you with crossover patterns but i can help ya with alaska especially my homeland kodiak. For Kings I would recommend big Egg sucking Leeches, Clausers, Ron's King egg, Bunny flies, and Two matukas. For reds a huge supply of Glo bugs in all sorts of colors, Montana Brassies and small bead head trout nymphs as well as green eyes and red hots. For dollies and rainbows a good variety of minnow and sculpin patterns should do the trick. What part of kodiak will you be fishing? Most people travel here later on for silvers, not many people come for kings, reds and pinks.
  22. Man you guys make me jealous, wish i had some nice bench. I just have and old card table where i put all my materials and i tie with my vice clamped on a wooden chair without a a backrest while sitting on a bean bag!
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