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  1. I think we have a great new chat room but i have logged on many a time to see that no one is there. I think part of the problem is no one knows when to get on at a good time. I was thinking maybe we could have a weekly chat session like Global Fisher. For example every wednesday 10 p.m. eastern.

  2. I agree with trout bum. My boss said UAA did a study that said fish don't feel pain as much as peta wants you to think but they do feel a difference but there is a difference between feeling the hook and it hurting you. The peta study proved the fish felt the hook but many studies say it's the equivalent of being poken in the mouth by a dentist after your mouth has been numbed, you feel the poke but it doesn't hurt. Peta never proved that the fish hurt just that they felt the hook. Of couse they won't mention that.


    Peta has done some other wacky things lately to alaska like asking the govenor to ban eating king salmon which would devastate everyone who lives in alaska, they even refered to him as govenor of alabama, apparently peta needs to proof read.


    By the way i have a funny story about peta. I happened to talk to one of the editors for peta magazine who staged a protest and a fishing pond during fishing for kids day in utah. He said fishing was inhumane and was immoral and i noticed he had a Jesus Saves bumper sticker on his car. I asked him about it and he aknowledged he was a catholic. I then told him that according to the bible jesus and his diciples were fisherman. He cursed at me and walked away laugh.gif

  3. It seams to me it matter on a lot of flies i tie. Epecially thunder creeks and sculpin patterns. I fish a lot for bows and dollies during the smolt migration and a thunder creek with eyes seems to do better than one without. Same with sculpins wher a big pair of eyes seem to entice the rainbows if fish for whether it's on kodiak or some other part of the state.

  4. It works great for me as for dries it will work if you use foam. Can't remember which forum member told me this but get a square piece of foam cut a hole in it just big enough for the fly and put the fly in. This way the material won't get crushed.

  5. Siestafred, don't bother with scuds at that time on that river.i would fish there in june for kings with egg sucking leeches, alaskabous and bunny flies. If you are going with the lodge just ask them what to tie.


    The only fish i target in alaska with scuds are rainbowsand grayling. Generally i never fish anything smaller than a size 10

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