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  1. Nice option - thanks for sharing.
  2. trying to downsize my video some so that it will fit.... have completed just too BIG.
  3. hello Day5 - my flys are on the way - but :wallbash: :wallbash: I forgot to take a picture of them or one of them to post. I will make another this weekend I hope and try to post it. Sent an extra or two for you - last, but not least is to finish the production of the video.
  4. My pattern will be a grass shrimp - the flys are almost complete. Still working on the video. :baby:
  5. I am going to join as well - I need to figure this out. I will send a pattern later. I am in!
  6. e-mail on the way as well to the senators from GA.
  7. Hey - Day5 - are you going to make a video of this? It looks really sweet!!
  8. billy


    WOW - great fly. I must practice - I must practice.
  9. danvise, too - and like flygirl bought it because it was not as pricey as the rest. It is as good if not better than me right now - so, until someone leaves one in my yard sale, I will keep using my danvise - or I get a rich friend that just likes to give me something.
  10. I tie mine without legs as well -
  11. a little late - but still hope you had a happy birthday!! :-)
  12. billy

    60 DOZEN

    I can't even count that high - too much.. excellent work!!
  13. regular kitchen dinette chair - but am eying a computer chair from Office Depot - multiple adjustments -
  14. after seeing day5 use his - it was time for a trip to the hardware store to make my own. It is a real treat to spin my dubbing loops now. Glad I watched your video, day5.. makes life a smidgen easier and gives me an excuse to buy/make something else for tying. Like I need more excuses...
  15. I haven't had the time to swap as much as I would like - but - it makes me concentrate on what I am doing and in quantities. More times than not, I just do one or two patterns and I never pick up the finer aspects. With a swap and my stuff going elsewhere, I do 20 and pick out the best. Maybe I need to have a swap for myself -
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