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  1. Hi all, I finished another mixed wing...I am getting better I think. I won't be tying for a month or two while I move, so I won't be posting fo a bit (not like I post a lot!). I think Ephemera's flies are much under-rated! I used blue-crown mot-mot in the joints as I had no trogon and was not about to use my large quetzal!
  2. Rock, where'd you find the time to do all these? You were tying flies to win a competition! Good stuff!
  3. Good deal, Rock! Love the hook...you conquered the jay!
  4. Haven't tied one of these in some time! Hook could be better, but I haven't the cash to invest in a stock of good ones at this time. Happy Holidays everyone!
  5. hey, where is that pattern found?? I love it, I know Charlie Chute did one too!
  6. thanks for comments, all. It is actually silk chenille, that you can find in some fabric stores. Kelson had a couple flies that used copper tinsel chenille also, one is a grub I think. yeah, it is a rare specimen that called for chenille and scarelt tanager, but I only had really big and really small tanager so used weaver bird in it's place, albeit orange.
  7. yeah chenille is not one of my favorite materials! However I also thought it looked good on this fly. I really hate chenille heads! It was one of those flies that "you never know til you tie it" how you'll like it!
  8. I don't think I've eer seen this tied. This is a slight variation of Kelson's pattern. I tied it some time ago, and was recently going through my fly pics and thought I'd post it.
  9. that is better than most people do with a vise! Don't worry about the exact colors! I don't think the mystery tier used a set pattern given the mish-mash of materials in that thing...he wouldn't have minded some artistic license!
  10. what is the hook? It kinda looks like a Harrison hollow point but not really. Good stuff!
  11. OK Rocky, keep me updated! I can't have my flies disgraced by crappy micro photos! thanks for the compliments! the hook could've been better too, but I got a n urge to tie and had no "good hooks" at the moment. Will get some soon. Edwin you gonna be at the Danbury show?? bring some of those photos!
  12. Arghhhh! therein are the issues! the wing is actually higher than that and the body taper isn't as screwey-looking in person!! It is more proportional in person. I sense a photography class in my future! Rock- when's your B'day?
  13. Well that dang illusion is at it again! The fly came out great but it looks to LONG in the photo! It is "thicker" than the photo....I guess you'll have to use your imagination! It is called "Ethereal". If you enlarge it you can see how I segemented the body but didn't butt it at all the joints. I need to learn more about photography!
  14. some wood duck has a natural twist in it and no matter how one tries to tie it in it still won't sit entirely flush. I bend the crap out of the fibers themself...twist them in the opposite direction that they are curving, kinda like you'd twist a stem of a feather to get it to lie the right way if it is twisting the other way. Don't be afraid to manhandle the feathers or fibers, they are tougher than you think. When I teach classes people are always surprised to find out how resilient fibers are and that they can really twist and reshape things to get them to lie flat, or twist the crap out of a messed up GP crest and get it to come out straight and not have ruined the feather. Hope that makes sense! great fly..is that your own or ??
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