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  1. I have an EZ Rotary that I bought off of fleabay that you have seen. I dont really like it. However the renzetti which really is a renzetti is sitting in a show box beside my desk.
  2. the renzetti was seven years old. It tied is shar of flies. Mainly 1/0 and larger for the toothy critters. It served me well and I would gladly recommend them to anyone !
  3. I have not. I lost the box somewhere when I moved and do not have the serial number for the vice, therefore I figured I was SOL.
  4. First it was the O-ring the the ajustment knob on the cam started slipping, next the pieces that are on the back end away from the jaws started slipping and became stripped. It hasbeen a good year ride with this vice now im looking for a quick replacement as I have muskie swap flies that need to be tied !
  5. I am in desperate need of a vice. Mine Renzetti Traveler just recently died and if anyone has a old rotary or a backup that they can part with for a reasonable price please let me know ! Thanks.
  6. Anyone know what all the materials are for that brookie fly that is pictured sometimes when you log on from the hatches web site and where i could get those materials thanks
  7. got 6 done will finish them up as soon as i get the time !!!
  8. I have never spun hair before so what is the best way to learn and start???
  9. Ok Ok I am in !!!!! I will tie a Prince/Brassie !!!!
  10. How many tyers do we have from the Mountain State !!!!!!!!
  11. CLear fingermail polish and orvis brand are the two i use
  12. Mine is an Adams if nothing is hatching and a Evil Weevil below
  13. I am wondering whats your alls GO TO FLY for trout ? Thanks Nathan
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