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  1. nice funniest thing was when head got in the way of the tie i actually leaned over to try and see around it. LOL when that didnt work i realized what i was doing and had to slap myself
  2. i want that bumper sticker googled it and didnt come up with anything did get this interesting read though http://www.uky.edu/~agrdanny/flyfish/petti.htm
  3. I am the first fly caster in a long line of fishermen and women. My grandparents bought a place on the St. Lawrence back in the early 40's so there has been alot of fishing going on in all those years. You guys/gals are my mentor. And believe me, I appreciate it. Thank you
  4. Thank you very much Mr. Beatty. I must say with all due respect if it werent for you I would not have a clue as to what I was doing. PHEW..only $35...new ceramic tipped bobbin, some hooks, and some pearl Midge Flash Oh wait a minute...forgot...also another $6 for some glow in the dark thread at Jo-Ann Fabrics
  5. ok it has happened i am addicted my determining factor is that i hope todays race gets over quick so i can get down to the shop before they close last week i went in with a mission. i took a magazine article with me and asked for the materials to tie the flies in the article. got in and got out. this week i am going just "to look around". dangerous territory for sure. :bugeyes: would be nice if i only came out with just a ceramic bobbin but i doubt thats gonna happen.
  6. holy cats.. July 4th fireworks cancelled due to lingering snow streams and rivers gonna be dealing with a little runoff this spring snow bound Oswego County pictures
  7. good stuff JS.... i have been casting flies since '95 and have never once cast for a trout. which is probably some type of blasphemy since i live so near The Finger Lakes. Go figure. this one isnt so good. but at this stage everything i tie is a first time. so i am more into learning techniques than esthetics for now.
  8. bruce thank you..i will do that man there is nothing better than having over 7500 mentors woohoo im not a "bait fisherman" anymore..lol
  9. how come the second one never comes out as good as the first.. :dunno: now that i look at the pic i think i need to trim more on the underside to expose hook point more, That sound right to you?
  10. Dustin thank you for the compliment i am not much of an ebayer...i have gotten some things from there ( not fishing related) but to me its just easier to get it local if'n i can. i hate losing a bid at last second
  11. ta da my 14th fly overall and my first spun hair fly first pic is ......the authors "swimming rodent" and mine is the second....close enough for government work what do ya think?
  12. i have a set of the digital binocs and love them..they take great pictures as well. before you go out and take a heap of pictures with it though you do have to get used to them. my camera is aimed just a hair lower than what i am looking at through the binocs so i have to adjust ever so slightly for that when i take a pic. i am not sure if they are all that way or just mine. and of course the amount of deviation between the two is lessened the further away the object is. so take a few experimental pics in the backyard before you go out and use them on something you want to actually take a picture of
  13. just got back from my first trip to local flyshop. needed materials to try and tie some of the deer hair bugs in JAN/FEB issue of American Angler and my starter kit didnt have much of whats needed. managed to get out of there just over 50 bucks later..LOL..i think CANDYSTORE would be a good name for a flyshop i can only see it getting worse from here :bugeyes: that place is too close to home. may have to move furher away so its more of a burden to "just stop in" hopefully have a pic or two of my trials later "fingerz crossed"
  14. my motivation was an article that said the color blue was most visable to fish. so this past summer i used alot of hard lures with blue on them, or added to them by means of a blue grub tail, and i caught more fish than i thought i would have otherwise. so naturally now that i have started tying i had to incorporate some blue. i cant wait to try this one in the upcoming season. if it ever gets here. At the end of each tying session i try to tie one "goofy" fly just for fun. Attached is pic of last nights "off the wall". Hardest part is trying to find the ugliest feather in the bag..LOL Forrest Gump is an American classic.
  15. Twofingerz


    i do it from time to time but i cheat, did not use a fly on my fly rod, i used a slice of pepperoni to catch this one this past summer. hardest part is keeping pepperoni on the hook when casting.
  16. so when does the ugliest fly contest start?
  17. i am hoping i will like it too. Water i fish is relatively still, so hoping that extra little bit of tail will provide some extra action for the fish. Thanks
  18. slight pause in the action here while the bleeding supsides..LOL after further review i think i need to show a litle more restraint on my tails. i think they may be too bushy. ok gimme a minute while i figure out why pic wont upload
  19. pretty cool! how does it sit in the water? does the front bug weigh it down too much?
  20. i too just started tying this past week and started by using Al Beatty videos posted in this forum. Ive done a few wooly buggers and one Grey Hackle Yellow so far. Of course being antsy i decided to try and tie a little something using my imagination and the materials i had lying in front of me. As a begginer the hardest thing for me to get a grip on is in what order to tie materials in and when, and then where to leave the thread hanging as i work the material on the hook. From reading this it sounds as though i pretty much always want to have the thread hanging by the eye ready for tie off . Is this correct?
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