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  1. man that is one beeeooootiful fly. love it the psychadelic (sp?) egg isnt too bad either.
  2. i must be the only one that isnt actually going to see what is in it until.......... CHRISTMAS! all you peekers are going to get coal in your stockings.
  3. i hear you can tie some nice Vladi Worms with that but for some reason i dont think ebay will let her list a patch of that either.
  4. had a blast. i was so busy learning new techniques i did even get to meet everyone. thanks to GFP and everyone that donated goodies.
  5. welllllllll to be honest with ya, thats cuz i didnt really catch many. it was not a good year for pike for me. i caught a couple but only have pictures of one. i spent most of my time targeting smallies with the boo.
  6. everything is packed and ready to go. well i hope its everything. should get there around 3:30ish i hope. also think i convinced a couple more guys from the Geneva area to come up.
  7. your about a month too late. took a few last month, and I wont be back on the island again until next spring. next season i will keep a few in case anyone wants one.
  8. heres one i have saved in my bookmarks. i have never ordered anything from them. http://www.tonyhill.net/
  9. Scott Sanchez did an article with some step by steps in American Angler April 2007 pg. 46
  10. i have added event to my calendar finaly. i will be there.
  11. don't forget your camera...you will not be able to keep the pike off that fly.
  12. pike fly for sure. and in natural brown it would be a sure fire hit. pike are concentrating on round gobies right now and brown is the color of choice. actually the smallies are doing the same so brown would work for either. the weed beds are dying back and the gobies are running out of places to hide so now the predators are really keying in on them in the shallower waters. a couple from last weekend and the newest addition to the boat.
  13. trout? whats that?...still havent caught one of those. maybe this fall.
  14. i have seen those pictures before and unfortunately the story you have related to them is different than what i have read.
  15. talk to VERN-O. maybe he can bag one of these for you :hyst: WHITE DEER
  16. I did the same thing a couple of years ago with that same insect. saw it at some flowers and took some quick shots so I could research them and find out what they were. I saw mine on Grenell Island, up on the St. Lawrence. now every year when those flowers bloom I am on the lookout and haven't missed them yet. when I get home I will see if I still have the pics on one of my computers and post them.
  17. I am letting both my American Angler and Flytyer subscriptions run out. I will grab them off the newsstand instead. I will probably wind up still buying most, if not all of the Flytyers, but American Angler is no longer of any use what with a repeat article after just a three year span.
  18. sorry i missed it. i was at the shop getting one of these fancy reels fitted on the new boo rod. actually the guy that makes them just happened to be in the shop with one while i was there so he let me throw it on just to see what it would look like. i would have to win the lottery twice before you saw one hanging off one of my rods. get_attachment.aspx.jpg
  19. i get that same effect from rabbit. my nose tickles whenever i use it. and it just floats all over the apartment. i can be vacuuming three rooms away and still get to watch all the pretty colors swirl around the vacuum canister.
  20. you did a very good job on this. what did you win?
  21. i like #3 as well. its my new desktop picture
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