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  1. I think you could also use the tape out of an old casette tape.
  2. no new camera...those are all just mashed into my scanner. new camera would be nice if your trying to think up a gift for me
  3. your welcome...and thank you as well
  4. couple more recent finishes---with a big THANKYOU to MrBeetle for all of his help!
  5. i had no idea who it was but a quick check on Kelly Galloups site came up with this quote... "This fly was designed by Scott Smith of Thunderbay Ontario for giant brook trout." http://www.scottearlsmith.com/
  6. practice practice practice i recieved the olive colored Butt Monkey @ Nov. Guys Flies and Pies from Alex and have been trying to do a few. The mallard collar really kicked MY butt but after an e-mail or two i think i am getting closer to figuring it out olive one is not mine, the rest are. wish i had decided i was going to tie one in chartreuse before i tied in the brown tail LOL.
  7. great job to everyone that participated and awesome job on the pics. it was fun to look at everything.
  8. I WANT A VICE WHERE I DONT EVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT WARRANTY ISSUES. the simple fact that there seem to be a number of both good and bad stories about Renzetti warranty policies is enough to keep me away. Nuff said.
  9. now that is cool.. i really like what you did. i AM going to try that
  10. yes. i just couldnt pass up the price..LOL was late by the time i finished setting it up but i did manage to tie one fly before bed. its an attempt to duplicate the fly Alex C. gave me at the November meeting. His is the one on the bottom.
  11. oh sure, break my heart. most if not all of my flies are "fishy"
  12. looks great...now make me one
  13. they said it couldnt be done. HEY i have a fish tank? now once i get the "new to me desk" the old table comes out and we are in bizzness
  14. i knew i could be of some help on this forum someday...LOL
  15. yeah i had just run the vacuum you can just see the corner of the bowling ball..if balls had corners. see arrow
  16. most people just have a junk drawer..i have a junk room..i am at this very moment supposed to be clearing it out to turn into some type of computer/tying room. as u can see...it is THE catch all... i use it more as a shed than a room. being i am in an apt. and dont have a shed. this is going to take a while..but i gotta get my tying stuff cleared off the kitchen table..LOLwish me luck
  17. i pop in my local shop every saturday. i will take my copy in with me this weekend.
  18. if at all possible i would change the way it is bound. staples tear through and eventually the cover or the centerfold pages will come loose. unless of course you wind up putting i nice centerfold poster/pic in there for us to mount..LOL i liked the idea of having an article like the one on dubbing..not everyone (meaning me) has a good grasp on the basics. so a "beginners article" is quite helpful. then eventually one would be able to move on to some of the more adavced stuff that is in the other great step by steps.
  19. thanks for the compliment Graham. it was a pretty cool time. i was a nervous about tying in front of you guys but then Alex gave me a nice pattern he tied up so i had had to bite the bullet. my next project is doing a little something with the deer patch Brent gave me. i owe him a couple. Great group. THANKS TO ALL.
  20. it was definately a cool evening. i cant thank oatka enough for inviting me. :headbang: no one i hang with flyfishes let alone ties their own so this was my first time ever tying with anyone. i havent been tying very long and believe me i was nervous and intimidated going into this knowing the kind of experience that i was going to be surrounded by. me being a quiet and shy person didnt help either. i didnt have a clue about group tying etiquette or even how to act, or react. :bugeyes: this great group of guys really put me at ease and i eventually did wind up tying a fly in front of them. i had questions on techniques i wanted to ask about going in, but being so nervous i forgot to ask. and of course after i left i had thought up a million more i wish i had asked. the generosity on display was over the top and in reflection i wish i had had a bit more confidence in my ability because i really would have liked to return the favor. :wallbash: i was just blown away by it all. once again thank you oatka and thanks guys for your generosity and a pretty damn cool evening!! :yahoo: P.S. finding the house was easy, but i got lost on the way out....took a few extra turns to get back to Dewey....LOL
  21. last year there were categories I just didn't vote in because I have no qualifications to determine what is right, wrong, good, or bad. vote on what you think should win and just go from there.
  22. AHHHHHHHHH.......... ok your copy is safe now, from me at least. Just got home fromwork and it was in the mailbox. woot!
  23. can't miss with balck and yellow combos for warmwater. nice job
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