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  1. i stick mine in the Beginners Corner
  2. got out of work early today so put my free time to good use....sort of. A couple of Flashabou Streamers with horrible looking heads. i am thinking i tied the flashabou in too far back and wasnt able to make the appropriate head. And some sort of freestyle deer hair popper.
  3. nice. seems a shame to have that get all tore up when the bass start fighting over it.
  4. d5 here will get u bag of Wheatthins and an orange sodie pop. "Back to work slacker!" oops..gotta go.
  5. graduated in '90. GO TIGERS! my first major was F&W but i realized i was not going to get a job in state since in didnt "know" anyone in the DEC so i switched to Turfgrass Management. nice to meet you. lots of good fishing up there. i dont shock fish to find them but i do go snorkeling once the water warms up enuff and see where bass are holding :-)
  6. another up LOL yes i am being a jerk, i'll stop now..LOL
  7. just how many responses of "nice fly" do you really need to read on any particular thread? i always use the "view new posts" option. i would hate to have to click on the same thread 340 times just to keep reading " nice fly" every time one of the lurkers became a member and said "nice fly". i am guilty of doing this myself from time to time but there are plenty of times i have not. This place is a resource for many, including myself and i certainly dont call Websters Dictionary and tell them "nice job" everytime i look up a word. Enjoy the resource and the friendships and be glad this resource is not inundated with spam posts. just my humble opinion.
  8. beautiful fly. very well done. hopefully i'll be able to pull off one as nice as that someday
  9. another nice step by step http://www.flyguysoutfitting.com/clouserdeepminnow.html
  10. just did my first one...this is going to be a productive fly i can just feel it. EDIT: just another pic of a few more
  11. wasnt sure if PHOTO forum or TIPS AND TRICKS forum was more appropriate for this one. I have discovered a new way to quickly de-line a reel. :dunno: :bugeyes: :hyst:
  12. that was tied up with Icelandic Sheep Hair
  13. Hokey smokes Bullwinkle. WOW.
  14. Alex i went to college in Cobleskill and there were tons of great streams in Scoharie county. I did not flyfish at the time and i still dont stream fish but i had alot of friends that would go out every weekend. My Turfgrass professor was an avid trout fisherman and was always out. Grab a topo map and make the quick drive down 88 and you'll be in heaven.
  15. two days ago i had the windows open it was so nice..tonight i drive home from work in a blinding snowstorm. what a tease. this sucks!
  16. yes, after doing some more "research" i have decided to tie some existing patterns in the appropriate colors even if they dont have the same body shape. Eventually will be able to get out there and see which works best.
  17. yes, deer hair. i hadnt left myself much room so my head is a little smaller than the one in the book. i also want to make sure i can get it down so dont want too much floatyness. page 36 for those following along at home. :-)
  18. http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=fly+...video&hl=en
  19. i had to Google Matuka cuz i did not know what it was. I can pull that one off. Just need to make a quick shopping trip. Which i pretty much do every weekend now. Sounds like a complaint, but it isnt. I am loving this. :-)
  20. is that ok?...hope i didnt break some kind of taboo. was flipping through "Flies for Bass and Panfish" looking for sunfish imitations and most of the stuff in there needed materials i dont have. This was one that i could do with what i had so i just did it up with the necessary colors. Apparently Mr. Dahlberg said that pattern was more productive "than all the rest of the flies combined" at the smallmouth camp he guided when a teenager.
  21. so maybe i should put a little clear nail polish over that dot now before i drop it in the water...LOL
  22. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Twofingerz: Sunny Day
  23. i like that going to have to try that one
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