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  1. ugh..what a nite..work sucks...i need to win the lottery ok here are couple of pics....one of the fly dry, and the second one with it wet down. i am not completely happy with it and i am sure i could do a better job in the future. maybe i just need to aquire some more materials that would give me more ooptions on tyin this up. i am always up for buying more stuff..LOL thank you all for your suggestions. what do you think of it so far?.
  2. I do a couple half hitches before I whip finish because I know its going to take more than one attempt to do it right, and I want to get good at it.
  3. what technique and/or materials would you use to create a fly to match this sunfish? I am trying to duplicate the look of a small one tied on to a size 2 hook. will post my first attempt later cuz i dont want to influence any possible ideas. i am not happy with my first attempt but that is probably more due to me being a newb and not having the necessary experience to pull it off.
  4. looks like most quilting threads are cotton and some sewing threads now are polyester core covered with cotton. there are full polyester threads as is the case with the glow in the dark thread i use for my firefly imitation. and also 100% nylon threads. they are all round though. http://www.coatsandclark.com/Products/Mach...oidery/Threads/
  5. i did it.....i think :dunno: worry about the wiggle half next time. just see if i can do the lip for now. damn you guys make everything look so easy. i dont know how i get myself in these situations.LOL this tie was difficult for me. perhaps a little too advanced for my limited experience. only took me an hour and a half. :bugeyes: i think i used to large of a bunch of hair when i tied in the lip. i need a big sign next to my tieing spot that reads LESS IS MORE! two pics, same fly, opposite sides.
  6. thank you thank you thank you. i never in a million years would have thought to do it that way. i am on my way to try it now. again..thank you. awesome job on the step by step also. the time you put into it is much appreciated.
  7. 150 guests, 33 members 1 anonymous members lots of lurkers and no posters
  8. since i started tying a couple months ago my cousin Pat has been driving me nuts to tie him up a fly or two. Thing is, he does not know how to cast. Has never even tried it. He watches me all the time, but pooh poohs any attempt by me to get him to actually try it. Well i gave in. I tied him up one. Hope he likes it. More likely though he'll probably hit me...LOL :lol2: :hyst:
  9. i like that deer hair lip... how about a little insight on how that was done please.
  10. great, now i am going to need stitches, i just cut my lip when my jaw hit the table. i can do nothing more than shake my head in awe. That is amazing.
  11. Ray i feel your pain. i am new to this addiction and have been going through the same thoughts in regards to thread. Oughts and deniers, and wts., numbers, and even letters. its pretty confusing. this is comparable to that, and that is comparable to this. Calgon, take me away. Two
  12. thank you maybe after 39 years i have finally found my calling in life..lol
  13. been trying to do that fancy multi-color stuff with not alot of success..but some. was trying for green on top and yellow on the bottom for the one and things got all jumbled up. and on the second i was trying for alternating stripes which actually didnt come out too bad. this in no way will prevent me from fishing either one of these, someday. could the third saturday in June be any further away? so i ordered Spinning Deer Hair with Chris Helm, and am looking forward to watching it.
  14. i have never attended anything like this before so i am really looking forward to it. The Rochester Sprotsman Show is this weekend so i will probably bop over there sometime this weekend http://www.osegsportsmens.com/html/rochester.html
  15. thanks for posting. i will be there for sure. hey did you happen to notice that this years TU calendar has 31 days for the month of February?
  16. yes i picked it up at Jo-Ann fabrics...its some type of embroidery thread actually geez now i gotta get up and grab it so i can find a link for you . . . ok im back http://www.coatsandclark.com/Products/Mach...Dark+Thread.htm
  17. i dont know anything what it should be but found these two sites in my search http://www.fliesonline.co.uk/erol.html#1558x2330 http://www.northernwilds.com/press/Explore...vorite-fl.shtml
  18. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Twofingerz: Nite Lite
  19. self portrait with my brand new hat
  20. its a bowling ball...makes a very comfortable foot rest :thumbsup: thought it went quite well with my c-clamp tabletop cigarette pack protector
  21. a shot of mine....helps of course that i am single and NEVER eat at the kitchen table putting the light under the glass top was a recent addition and i love it. And another benefit to the glass that i found is when something gets burried under all the rubble and i cant seem to find it, i get down on the floor and look up through the glass. :headbang: i plan on making a real desk someday that will set up here next to the computer. Just so much information online i would really like to have desk next to the computer. I need all the help i can get at this stage. :wallbash: And you can bet my design will include some type of underlit glass. Another nice feature of the glass that i found was cleanup. Anything gets spilled and vulcanized on the glass, i just scrape it off with a razor
  22. thanks guys. i will probably try and tie a few more in this style until at least get the hang of how to do it properly and then maybe pick up some foam this weekend and try that.
  23. Twofingerz


    are flies masculine or feminine? In conversation i tend to put masculine title on mine? ex: HE is a nice one HIS legs are a bit screwed up this little GUY was my first attempt how do you all refer to your flies? does it get more specific when you do insect imitations since some bugs actually are male or female? just curious, and maybe a little bored
  24. well i got some glow in the dark thread at Jo-Ann fabrics on just a lark and i tried to tie a firefly with it. its my first try at doing any type of beetle so it really sucks, but i think the pattern has some merit if i learn how to tie it properly. and its BUTT DOES GLOW, which is probably the coolest part. and I do cast quite a bit at night.
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