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  1. wow! this is a great fly. it looks like it would be killer on a tube fly. too bad i dont have ANY of the materials to make it
  2. i made some really awesome realistic bread flies and they worked amazingly, for about 15 minutes, then the bluegills caught on really fast and wouldnt touch em. that was back in the mid summer. we had a severe drough over the entire summer and the pond dried up 100% so no more fish in it, no more worries lol
  3. nice fly! i was really happy to see my tutorial put to good use! thanks for using the tutorial! what did you catch on that? bass, pike?
  4. pretty nice tie there dustin! i like it. heres a pic of a tan/grey one that i made and i didnt have a gold bead so i just wrapped gold wire around the head (looks sloppy i know) also, i added brown stripes to the back:
  5. dont use body hair or bucktail. use belley hair. belley hair is the coarsest (thickest) and is the best and easiest to spin. its naturally white, but for that reason its easy to dye and comes in many dyed colors. if you neeed that natural brown, then go with body hair but make sure its coarse (thick). NEVER NEVER NEVER use bucktail for spinning.
  6. no the hair doesnt affect the hook at all, except it will make it relativley weed free, and it will hide the hook from bass looking at it. but when a bass bites, the soft hair will compress and you hook the bass! and panfisherteen, i wont be epoxying anymore. that was my first time and that was a bit mistake. next time i put eyes on i'll just put a coating of hot glue over them to protect them.
  7. yeah, do whatever with my extras, i dont want them.
  8. heres a few baitfish flies for ya! peanut bunker bluegill shad
  9. i foudn that belley hair is the best for spinning and stacking. its the coarsest (thickest) and it flairs out the most because of this. make sure youre using the right kind of hair. if its thin, then it will give you nothing but trouble.
  10. ive found that the double edged razors are very VERY hard to come by. if someone could tell me exactly where to get them then that would be great. but ive found razors that work just as great. i got them at foodlion but you can get them anywhere. they are located in the shavind dept. at foodlion but ive' seen them in hardware dept.'s too. anyway, they are a one sided razor, but its a rectangle, not a trapezoid like the utility knife kind. its got a metal cover over the back end of it, and a very sharp blade on the other side. ive found them to be extremely sharp and very good for deer hair. they last about 3 flies though....if you do smaller flies they will last longer. about the packing...a packing tool is not essential but would be helpful. what i do is i pack from both ends. i put my fingers from my left hand at the back and my right hand in the front and just give it all ive got to compact it. it works very nicely a tight packed body, and a smooth razor trim will make much better flies. but you flies are very impressive for a beginner and will catch bass no doubt.
  11. that sounds great. it you set one up, i will join.
  12. well how come i tied 2 more than i needed to??? did this swap not fill up or something?
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