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  1. this has been my understanding and experience w/ whiting. i usually use bronze or silver grade. , Clarkii.
  2. in addition- we are fly tyers- and wing cases are just fun! , Clarkii.
  3. interesting... i was thinking about the waters i fish- then checked to see where some of these responses are coming from. it could have a lot to do w/ type of water, fish, pressure etc. - with exception to my response- everyone is fishin' on the other side of the continent. , Clarkii.
  4. Now... i'm just a bait fisherman around here- but, i prefer the wingcase- i have noticed a better catch rate- esp. on moving water w/ native fish.... , Clarkii.
  5. hello- first post here- been tyin' for a few years- very happy w/ my HMH spartan. clarkii.
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